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Connections.  Connections.  Connections.  Gathering  friends, fans or followers through social media, reaching  your target audience with your advertising message.  To engage those with the ability and likelihood to use your service or product, it's all about the connection.

This week's strongest links demonstrate some inspiring ways one big brand makes connections on many levels, through multi-media.

Not only does Levi's connect with the average jean-wearing consumer, but in all age groups, shapes and sizes, Levi's were and still are - cool.  Check out their facebook page.  Promotions for the summer sale and new styles available are featured along with links to their "Pioneer Sessions" in which they invited musical artists John Legend, The Shins, She & Him, Jason Mraz, and others to record songs that inspired them - and offered free downloads.  

Levi's 2010 "Go Forth" Print Ad Campaign

Levi's 2010 "Go Forth" Print Ad Campaign

Levi's is also launching a print and TV ad campaign "Go Forth" which uses real workers from Braddock, PA - an economically distressed town and donating money to revitalization efforts there.  Think about that the next time you have to choose between a pair of Levi's and another brand. Read the NYTimes article  on this campaign here.

The connections Levi's makes are logical (25 % off sale for the next two days), emotional, and cause related - made in multiple media and why they continue to be an enduring brand since 1870.

In what ways are you connecting with your target audience?  Are you relying on a single media to make that connection?  Get inspired.  Get creative. 

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