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Here is a presentation from Genworth (a division of GE that bought Liberty Reverse Mortgage a few years ago for $50 million dollars) that gives some basics about Reverse Mortgages. In my opinion, it is not as good as the guide I posted last week ("Your Reverse Mortgage Guide" which you can get here: but it can be helpful with many of the basic questions and issues that surround Reverse Mortgages. I know it's redundant, but I want to explain how Reverse Mortgages work to as many people in the world as I can because I believe that the more people that understand a reverse mortgage, the more people that can be helped by them.

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Beth Paterson
Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, LLC, NMLS #1790592 - Saint Paul, MN
CRMP, NMLS #342859


It sounds like we are on the same mission - to spread the facts and positives benefits seniors receive from a reverse mortgage.  I too blog to share the details with as many people as I can.  My philosophy is that the reverse mortgage is not right for everyone but everyone has the right to know the facts so they can determine if it is right for their situation.

Keep spreading the word about reverse mortgages.

Beth Paterson
Prestige Mortgage/Reverse Mortgages SIDAC

Jul 07, 2010 12:10 PM
Michael Pinter
First Meridian Mortgage - Brooklyn, NY
Beth, I think we are definitely on the same page. I'd love to speak to you and share some thoughts and ideas. Can I call you? Michael Pinter
Jul 08, 2010 01:56 AM