Where Trees Meet the Sea: Seacliff, California

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SS Palo Alto cement shipThe Seacliff area of Aptos, California hosts a unique combination of a special community built within the naturally beautiful landscape. People living in this area realize the luckiness of being a part of the environment because preservation of the Seacliff community remains a main priority. One main highlight in Seacliff is of course the Seacliff State Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches for outdoor adventures and the iconic SS Palo Alto cement ship. The SS Palo Alto became lodged in the sand accepting its fate as an amusement vessel. Before its trip to Seacliff, the ships was constructed during WWI and made of concrete due to a steel shortage at that time. The SS Palo Alto never served its purpose in the war because construction time exceeded expectations, so the ship was bought and towed to Seacliff State Beach. Upon arrival, plans for amusement conversion began, however after two seasons of unsuccessful revenues as an amusement attraction, the ship remained only for fishing purposes. Now after years of saltwater erosion the SS Palo Alto is no longer open to the public, but the ship will continue to be a distinct symbol for the Seacliff area.

Seacliff Coastline


Other great outdoor adventures await you at the Seacliff State Beach including swimming, hiking, camping and a plethora of more activities, which can be explored at the California State website.

If a relaxing night stay in a comfortable hotel seems more appetizing, the Seacliff Inn can satisfy your accommodation needs. Surrounded by lush gardens and amazing views, the Seacliff Inn offers an excellent ambiance for any guest.  Also part of the hotel is the awarding winning restaurant, Severino’s Bar & Grill. The locally owned establishment provides an outstanding array of seafood, pasta, and meat dishes.  

For other exceptional local businesses, the Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center is a must. With a variety of shops ranging from restaurants like the Rancho Del Mar Café to clothing stores like Aptos Shoes & Apparel, the shopping center provides a shopping paradise.

 If hunger strikes while “cruzing” through Seacliff, check out Sushi on the Run for superb sushi at a fast pace. Owner Masa prides himself on the quality of his fresh sushi rolls that fills any hungry customer. Also providing the community with quality food is Aptos Natural Foods. As an alternative to the overwhelming large grocery stores, Aptos Natural Foods believes in the integrity of organic, local food and the healthy lifestyle its been offering to the Seacliff community for 13 years.

Every time I visit the Seacliff area in Aptos, California, I am left wanting more. I love the people, the landscape and I am lucky enough to enjoy this place and all its beauty.  For local listings and more information please visit wwww.petecullen.com.


 Seacliff State Beach at sunset

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