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Services for Real Estate Pros with Homepointe Property Management

Homepointe is backed by almost 30 years of expirence, prefered vendors, contractors license, 24 hour maintenance for tenants and some of the most expirenced, energetic property managers in the business. Our team consists of maintenance employees, receptionists, call center, pre-screeners and rental application screeners, property managers, office managers, and our broker/owner. All of which can be found in the office from 8 AM to 6 PM on any given day. We work weekends and show all vacant properties multiple times a week. If you have a property we can manage it. There is no area around Sacramento we will not manage, and there is no situation we cannot handle. With all of this support we are one of the most accessible companies around; and manage like a corporation but have customer service like a mom and pap store. To learn more about our company visit our website at or call 916-429-1205 ext. 700.

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