When Does A Realtor's Job End?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with The Destination Realty Group - William Raveis

You called some friends for references, you searched the Internet and you finally found a Realtor you want to hire. 

The Realtor helped you find and negotiate the home.  You are on the way to the closing and you're a little nervous things won't go just right. Maybe, there were a couple of small glitches, but the Realtor and the attorneys worked it out and everyone is happy. Handshakes, hugs and maybe a high five.

Now what? Is it goodbye to your Realtor? Hopefully, no. Your Realtor has become a close ally that can continue to offer services and guidance, especially if you are moving into a new area or buying a second home in a resort area, such as Cape Cod.

A good Realtor will guide you through home repairs, lawn issues and other , offering references, maybe even meeting them when you are unable. You can expect local tips on short cuts, not-so-well known beach access and the best restaurants or bar for any occasion.

"Where can I find good beer"?

Most Realtors have a valued network of local trades people other professionals that can help you save time, money and hours of frustration.  This relationship is a win-win for the Realtor, too.  The Realtor will benefit not only from satisfying a client, but also from the potential of getting future business from referrals and repeat business. The biggest reward is maybe a good friendship will evolve.

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