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Relocation to Austin, Texas....

I wanted to share with you all if you don't know already, That Relocation is one of the best ways to meet and learn for other people moving to your Town.  It has also help me learn more about my City Austin, Texas.....

What I found while helping my  Clients  Relocation to Austin, was that as much as they wanted to view Homes, know about the Schools, Parks best Golfing areas, where the lakes are they wanted to Know about Austin, Texas's the Normal questions How's the Weather?  What about Tornado's, Are the streets paved and so forth, As Realtors working with Relocation Client's we are expected to be the Pros and the source of all information they need, and for the most part we are

The most interesting question was "What about the Scorpions"   My response was WHAT??   Needless to Say when People are getting ready to move they get on the Internet find out more About the City, But like with anything you will always have family and friends around you telling you Stories about the City your moving to.   Austin, Texas has many interesting venues "Live Music Capitol of the World" South By Southwest, PecanFestival, Rot Rally, Austin, City Limits , The Bat's under the South Congress brigde just to mention a Few, there are some many... Free Live music almost everyday "Blues on the Green" Many venues

So what I did to better prepare Myself and be the source of information for my Clients  I took the "Austin Tour Guide Class"

Wow!!!!! talk about knowing and learning About my City Austin, Texas... It has been one of the best investmenst I've done for  myself I Now know so much more... And Still Learning I'm going to take the class once more time for a refresher there was just so much to chew on

This class began with  the History of Texas than down to where we have fault lines... So if you work with Relocation Clients I recommend you take a Tour Class of your City.

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