What Makes A Good Buyer's Agent?

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How many times have you been asked about the tasks of a buyer's agent by a client? What has your response been? What ARE the qualities of a good buyer's agent?

Naturally, it is the responsibility of the buyer's agent to find properties that meet the clients needs and requirements which include location, price and specifics such as size and extras the home must have.

It is also the job of the buyer's agent to direct the client in the right direction with regard to getting prequalified. Knowing loan officers with proven track records is vital! You want to be working with a loan officer that will get everything done on time and will communicate with you each step of the way!

Preparing a market analysis for your client to assist in the decision making process when it comes time to make an offer is vital! Unfortunately, not all agents do this - another reason to work with a buyer's agent!

Home inspection time? Make sure you supply your client with a list of home inspectors that you have worked with before! I like using a home inspector that is also a general contractor since he can also give ballpark figures on the costs of upgrades that the client may want done later. This can be really helpful in the decision making process.

It goes without saying that a buyer's agent is at the home inspection the entire time the home inspector is there!!!! AND that the buyer's agent goes over the inspector's report and explains every detail to the client! I also encourage my client to be present at the home inspection.

Throughout the process a good buyer's agent is in constant contact with the lender, title company and the client. It is so important to be aware of each step in the process and make sure that everything is taking place in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than finding out in those last days that somebody dropped the ball and the closing won't take place on time!!!

That final walk-through with the client needs to be handled by the buyer's agent, not the agent's representative! I actually know of an agent that had his assistant do the final walk-through! It is the agent's duty to be sure that all repairs have been completed in a satisfactory fashion and that there are receipts for all work completed by professionals.

These are things that a buyer's agent does for their client! This is what makes working with a buyer's agent so important! Be sure the agent you are working with is a buyer's agent!!!


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Comments (2)

Mary Kay Irving
Thompson Daviau Realty - Boulder, CO

Hello Hassan.  Thank you for the post.  I agree with most everything you are saying.  However, I am uncertain about explaining every detail of the inspection report.  I am not an inspector nor am I qualified to make recommendations in this arena.  I would always refer a client back to the inspector if the client has any questions or does not fully understand the potential impact of a suggestion or recommendation.  I see my job as a professioanl realtor as having the general knowledge and awareness to be aware of red flags and to know which other professionals a client needs to be in contact with to get the correct information when necessary.  Looking foward to your response and other comments.

Jun 30, 2010 06:40 PM
Robin Dampier REALTORĀ®
Coldwell Banker King - Hendersonville, NC
Hendersonville & Western NC Real Estate Source

Hi Hassan.  I agree with most all of your post but have the same concerns as Mary Kay re the Home Inspection.  We always refer any Home Inspection questions the buyer may have back to the Home Inspector.  We're advised we are not Home Inspectors and advising re the inspection can place you in a libelous situation if there is a problem.  We do go over the Request for Repairs very deligently and follow up.

Sue of Robin and Sue

Jun 30, 2010 06:48 PM