Middletown Maryland Real Estate Housing Report for August 2007

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Middletown MD Real Estate 

Here is a snapshot of the current housing market in Middletown Maryland.

As of the 8/12/07 there are 103 current residential active listings in Middletown. Currently 10 homes are under contract which is only slightly over 8.8% of the total currently listed homes.

The breakdown of the price ranges looks as follows:

  • $300K and under- 10 Homes  
  • $300+-400K- 26
  • $400+-500K- 15
  • $500+-600K- 19
  • $600+-700K- 10
  • $700+-1 million - 16
  • $1 million+ - 7

Of the 103 active listings, 17 have been on the market 180+ days and 36 total at 90-180 days. This represents over half that have been listed for more than 3 months.

Here is the breakdown of sold homes in June and July of the last 4 years:

                        2007   2006   2005   2004

  • July             9         13        15         23
  • June           10       18        15         21


Homes in the lower price range are selling more so than the higher end homes. In June, 5 of the 10 sold were in the $300K range or below and in July, 6 of the 9 sold were in the $300K range. Based on the data fewer homes in Middletown for the last couple months have sold than in the same months of the past three years.

Will the fall bring more buyers?

Past Middletown and Myersville market reports:



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