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New Tools to Help Realtors Manage Social Media Accounts

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Real estate professionals use social media for outreach and new applications to help you manage your social media and marketing output are rolling out all the time. If you are adventurous and do not mind switching things around now and them, you can try social media tools until you find the one or ones that work best for you.

If you find that you have a hard time keeping track of contacts, you might want to try Flowtown. This application does digging for you and presents you with the results. If you have someone's e-mail address, Flowtown can tell you their name, age, gender, location and the social networks they use.

Users get a separate profile page for all of their contacts once the service had combed the web for this information. Of course, if you feel like this is snooping, then this service is not for you. If you do not mind this kind of information gathering, then you can let Flowtown help you keep up with your clients. You can leverage this information as you wish, with the idea being that you use it to personalize your communication.

Follr helps organize your presence on multiple social media platforms using a virtual Social Card. The Social Card is kind of like a business card for the internet age--it combines your social media and online activity. And especially for real estate professionals, Follr offers an Enhanced Real Estate Social Card that promises to link your property-search sites and others with the Social Card. It is also helpful for anyone who manages a team of real estate professionals because there is a Team Platform. Employers can use it to monitor the social card activities of multiple employees. Follr aims to be your a one stop shop and users are encouraged to give out their follr social card address rather than information on their e-mail address, blog URL.  Facebook page and LinkedIn,Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube accounts

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