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Social media is a must, but where do you direct prospects from there?

Do you generate leads straight from social media? Do you direct them to your professional website?

YES you absolutely need to direct prospects from your social media, whether it is activerain, facebook, linkedin etc. etc. TO your professional website where all the fluff is stripped away, and your credibility in your industry can increase in the minds of your prospects. Social media is great for getting found in google searches, getting in front of the faces you normally may not have access to, and for prospects to do a lot of research on you.

Your website is where you seal the deal. Your website is where prospects finally feel that they've done their due diligence in researching you online to feel comfortable with choosing YOU. Your website is where prospects feel that you are a true professional and can learn pertinent info they've been searching for and can get their initial burning questions answered.

If you are offering a credible website that offers pertinent info and tools they are looking for, they are more likely to choose you, email you, call you, and apply online with you.


Social Medias > Professional Website!!



Shelly Whitworth
Mortgage Websites

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