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A few weeks ago, a group of us got together for my friend Jason's 39th birthday and we had to decide on where to go to dinner and celebrate.

Having lived in Palm Springs for over 11 years, there are many fine restaurants to choose from but there are only a  handful of places that I frequent on a regular basis. 

When the suggestion was made to go to Roscoe Grill for dinner, I could not remember the last time I had dined there.  Once I walked into the restaurant,  all the good things about this establishment came flooding back into my memory.

Roscoe Grill opened in 2006 and is located in the former building that was Churchill's Fish & Chips.  It is one of those restaurants that I never think about because it located between a car wash and a tire store and I drive by the place everyday and not give it a second thought.  

Once we get inside, my perception of the former fish house changes.  We are seated at our table and as I am taking it all in, I feel like I am in a big city restaurant, not Palm Springs.  The high-back brown leather booths and the soft lighting give Roscoe Grill an intimate, cosmopolitan feel.   The best thing I remember about my last visit to Roscoe was the menu.

Roscoe Grill is currently running their Summer Special in which 3 courses dinners, which include a starter, entree, and dessert, start at $16.50.  I had the Lobster Mac & Cheese (pictured above) with the Caesar Salad and the Fruit Sorbert, all for $19.50.  This dinner was soooo good!!

The culmination of our dining experience was when Jason (pictured above) made his birthday wish and blew out the candle on his Triple Chocolate cake.  I hope gets what he wished for.

After this dinner, Roscoe Grill is now added to my list of places to dine in Palm Springs.  You have to check it out!!

Roscoe Grill is located at 665 S. Palm Canyon Dr., just south of the Downtown area.  For a complete list of menu items, you can go to

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