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Real Estate Case Study

The Challenge

Selling a home using tradiotional advertising is costly.  Advertising listings can cost a Realtor anywhere from hundreds of dollars a month, to thousands of dollars a month.  How many of you pay for: newsletter productions, direct mailing, online ads & websites, newspaper ads, print ads & virtual tours?

The Solution

Video communications are proven to garner greater results than text or pictures.  Studies show that people only remember:

  • 10% of what they read
  • 20% of what they hear
  • 30% of what they see
  • 50% of what they see and hear together.

It is proven that multi-sensory messaging, such as graphic rick video emails, live web broadcasting & video instant messaging, offers a cost-effective solution for any and all Realtors showing and selling homes.

The Results

A Realtor and co-owner of a Realty Company in Las Vegas, began using our suite of products, which offers multiple easy to use, streaming video solutions, such as graphic rich video emails, live we broadcasting and video instant messaging.  Prior to using video communications in her real estate communications, the Realtor was doing costly traditional advertising, to promote & sell her listings.  Realizing that video is a preferred medium, the Realtor had tried an array of online streaming solutions.  However, the costly products and the time deficiency , as she had to rely on an outside vendor for production work, didn't give this Realtor a true sense of cost effective, easy to use video managing!  When she came across our suite of products, she purchased two $9.95 accounts.

Since using our suite of products, the Realtor has been able to cut her advertising costs dramatically.  Not only did she cut cost, she shortened her sales cycle & increased the visibility of her homes and attracted more out of state buyers than ever before.  The Realtor attributes the sale of 18 homes to our products, as she used video communications.  As buyers & sellers are not always able to be present during an Open House, she uses the live broadcast feature to actually show a home to anyone in a remote location, thanks to the streaming live feed she is able to use.

The Realtor states that video communication has set her apart from her competitors.  She is able to immediately show a home, but more important, she is creating a stronger personal bond as her clients actually get to "see" her natural smile, body language and hear the tone of her communications.  After two or three video emails, her clients feel they have gotten to know her, prior to ever meeting her in person.

The Realtor now has the luxury to communicate and be received with all the multi sensory messaging.  She no longer has to worry that she has been misunderstood as her tone of voice during the message can be clearly heard, making a greater impact than text or pictures can ever do!

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