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I was sitting at my computer wondering what I was going to offer for my next blog when I realized in the background the history channel was playing the biography of President Washington.  I was getting a refresher course in how this great leader won the battles for his country and built up the Continental army.  His dogged determination and sense of liberty and justice is what made the record for his successes.  Coming back to being a full service Realtor now depended on getting my own leads.  To say the least I was daunted by the task because I had to get back to marketing and seek information to propel me forward.  It's difficult to establish yourself when your out of the public view for a time.  I could not resist listening to the rest of the program and when it finished, I realized that I had to really find something that would assist me and get me back on track.

Active Rain To The Rescue.

Since I have come back to Active Rain, my hopes have skyrocketed.  I do find it to be a little gold mine and I only wish I had kept up with it even when I was not fully practicing Real Estate.  As a matter of fact, I did another course which was beneficial but it didn't have the richness of experience and information I was truly seeking.  That's why I can say firsthand, I'm awfully glad to be back.  This is my first step to getting back in action and applying the knowledge I have gained while out of practice.  It's never easy making a new start and today I was reminded of what our first great leader had to overcome to achieve all his goals.

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