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The Joy of Life and The Pain of Death,

I hear my grand daughter Caroline squealing with delight as Grammy plays with her.  I am in my office downstairs.  Caroline is 13 months old and beginning to expand her vocabulary but what is most miraculous is the energy and delight she brings to life.  Sometimes I take that sense of child like wonder for granted.

Kathy and I returned home from Europe and I was greeted by a voice mail that warned my mother was gravely ill.  I quickly made several calls to get an update and determined I could wait a few days to go see her.  In fact Mother was insistent on me coming on my birthday.  I was born on my dad's thirtieth birthday so that makes it special for Mother.  

So Kathy and I arrived in Idaho on June 15th and found my mother ill but not using oxygen at the moment and better than we had hoped.  We stayed eight days and every day she continued to improve daily.  She tried to convince me it was because of my presence but my daily calls confirm that she continues to make progress.  My mother suffers from diabetes so things tend to quickly get complicated when she is ill.  We are blessed to have her in assisted living only a block from where my sister Ramona lives.  Ramona goes down in the morning and evening to help mother and the staff at the Bee Hive is exceedingly kind and helpful.   Thanks Pinehust Bee Hive for all you have done and all you are doing for my mother and the other residents.

My mother's severe illness threw me into a funk.  I lost my dad almost 20 years ago but I guess I had never really dealt with the thought of losing my mother.    I can sometimes get a little moody when I am in heavy contemplation but true depression I experienced only once when on a heavy pain killer after rotator cuff surgery.  So finding myself in a semi depressed state of mind was a bit of a shock and a disappointment.   I am confident my mother will spend eternity enjoying God, Christ and the host of saints. So losing my mother is not about her.

The loss of my mother is about me coming to grips with no longer having the one who birthed me, the one who nourished me, the one who encouraged me, the one who prayed for me for these 60 years.  I am so thankful that Kathy and I have been blessed with three children and blessed with grand children that continue to show us the love and joy of living.

Caroline continues to shout with glee as Grammy enjoys her company.  Mother continues to improve but I know that her days are limited and her extended days are all a special gift from God.  
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Vickie McCartney
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Hi Paul~  I am so sorry to hear that your mother is gravely ill.  News no one ever wants to hear!  It would be very easy to get depressed just by knowing she is gravely ill.  I hope and pray you can make it through each day and not slip into the shadows of depression and that you can just take it one day at a time and enjoy the time that you do have!  I know that is easier said than done.....

Jul 05, 2010 06:01 AM
Paul Campbell Realtor Lexington
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Thanks for your care and for your prayers.  I think I have come to a healthy place now with accepting the condition of my mother.   Paul

Jul 05, 2010 06:05 AM
Erby Crofutt
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Sorry to hear about your mother, Paul.

Unfortunately, it's a time of life that comes to all of us sooner or later.  There's no easy way to deal with it.

I pray that your mother enjoys the days she has left and that you deal with it successfully.



Aug 09, 2010 10:41 PM