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Myth #1 - A Listing Agent Who Doesn't Show Your Home to a Boatload of People is a Bum!

Main waitingI recently acquired a listing from homeowners unhappy with their listing agent because "he never showed our home".  Treading gently, I tried to communicate that the primary job of the listing agent is not to sell the home but to get it sold!  In fact, it's entirely possible that a first-rate agent will never personally usher a prospect through the home.

When a nervous family, with 60 days to get out of Dodge, entrusts me with the sale of their home, do you think they'd prefer to wait while I desperately massage the relatively small number of prospects I have at any given moment or rather I devote my resources to artfully exposing the home to literally millions of potential buyers?

 A responsible agent isn't going to frog march every warm body she encounters into a home just to prove that she's on the job.  Instead, she'll be hard at work carefully crafting a marketing program that's attuned to the home and the owners' needs.  That marketing should appeal to the eye and the ear, be both wide and deep, include a strong online presence and sometimes takes a couple of weeks to fully implement.

So, if things aren't moving along quite a quickly as you'd like, a better question for your listing agent than "why aren't you showing my home" is "show me what you're doing to get my home sold".

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Sharon Simms
Coastal Properties Group International - Christie's International - Saint Petersburg, FL
That's along the line of Howard Brinton's script - "I may not be the agent who sells your home, but I'm the reason that your home is selling."
Aug 13, 2007 11:04 AM