6 Reasons Why Now is The Perfect Time to Purchase your First Home

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How can you not afford to buy in this market? Bad credit but have good income?  Let's make a plan that will help you restore your credit standing in 3 months or less.

Here are just a few reasons why buying now is better than not:

  • Mortgage Interest Rates are Low!
  • Great opportunity to find a home paying just as much or even less than your current monthly rent.

Ex: Did you know $750 per month can afford you a $100K home?

  • Buying a home is forced savings!  Why not pay yourself and build equity, instead of helping your landlord build equity?
  • Purchase a home with a low down payment.  You need as little as 3.5% of the purchase price of your new home. 

              Ex: $3500 needed to purchase a home for $100K and less if the home is priced lower!

  • State Grant is available to those who qualify, which will help with closing costs.
  • A full 6% seller's assist may be obtained, which can drastically reduce your closing costs.


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Zakiyyah Newman, Realtor®


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