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Real Estate Agent

All REALTORS [R] are trained in
and understand the Legal & Ethical side of House-hunting, Home Sales- & now more and more are dealing with the Rental side of the Housing Field;

Today's news listed the result of a Lawsuit dealing with housing bias: Ann Arbor apartment Complex has been found guilty of discrimination / bias toward 3 black potential clients;
...a Judgement of $82,500.n  has been set and agreed upon:
...the three people will receive $35,000. each
...the Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan will receive $40,000.
...see: / Sec. A /'In Brief' / pg 5A / 7 July, 2010  

The complex was sited on 'Different treatment of blacks--from-- whites seeking information on vacancies.
Now that some of us in the Realtor [R] fields are working with rentals [ basically rent to own or single family leases]
if behooves all of us to again, refresh the legal  cases that are covered within all 2 hr courses on Legal Issues; It is also needed to monitor what we say or indicate to any client.
Though this settlement did not delineate what was said, not said or insinuated; it is pertinent for all to keep close track of what one says or indicates when speaking about Fair Housing Items and the Laws involved.
The lawsuit settlement closes this particular case; but other situations do exist; no one wants to be involved in any Legal action.  This economic slow-down is not the time to forget the lessons, up-dates & problems that arise from the strangest things in this Profession.

Today's local news spoke to the Metro Businessman - Business that have 'saved' the "American Power Boat Association Gold Cup" :
...Local Business owner Bill Jarvis from Harrison Township-based 'Jarvis Property Restoration' has agreed to sponsor this
   year's  race to avoid the situation of 'missing one year-in-time could mean 'never coming back-to-the-area>
   Good job Mr. Jarvis!
   an article in the Macomb Daily indicated that Mr Jarvis is more than an enthusiast, he has also sponsored a number
   of Boats over the years.--including the U3 and U100 Boats. see:  /Wed. July 7, 2010 /
   pg 3A / "Businessman rescues Gold Cup" by Dave Jones    for more of the story.
   The race takes place this weekend on the Detroit River.  Hope for good weather.

Canada's earthquake of June impacted Old Fire Station in Warren, MI.
...Over the past weeks, we have heard about the Fire Station in Warren, Michigan that seems to have sustained
   damages during the June 23 earthquake in  Canada.This is a 200 year old station,  though it has not been utilized
   as a working station- the City of Warren used it for storage and repair of fire & EMS vehicles. 
   The damage has weakened the structure and may be too much,expense-wise, to repair. All the vehicles have
   been moved and the station itself listed as off-limits.
   A sad note for Warren and Historians alike as this is one of the last links to the 'Horse & Buggy-days"
   Who would have thought that an earthquake some many miles away in Ottawa, Ontario would have  
   this result in our Metro area in Warren, MI.  
    Sad ending of an Historic Station.

Are you aware of the warning signs of Alzheimer Disease

...The Alzheimer's Association Greater Michigan Chapter of Southfield is holding an event in Macomb Co. July 13, 2010
...the Marvin Blank Senior Center on 23 Mile, Rd. in Macomb Township is hoping to dispel some myths & present
    some truths about this disease.
...Dementia is not a fore-gone result of aging.
...over 180,000 Michigan residents are living with dementia here in Michigan is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking & reasoning skills,.
...the disease is incurable, but recent research that may alter that situation; early diagnosis & new meds that slow
   done the symptoms are now available.
...this disease can affect some younger than those in their 70-80's

This is a Free program; it is on 13 July,2010; is it open to anyone 55 & up; Pre-registration is required.
   call The Macomb Parks & Recreation Dept. BY  9 July, 2010 at : 586 - 992 - 2900
IF you know someone who would like to attend, IF you are caretaker or IF you are personally interested..schedule this.     

Very Close to Home: the July- Free Concerts begin tomorrow 8 July 2010   

...this year the concerts are every Thursday - Rain or Shine
...they take place at the Macomb Town Center Park on . 25 Mile Rd. [East of Romeo Plank road]
...the event runs from 7:00 p.m.-9:00p.m. can play in the "Kidszone" & parents can utilize the Dance Floor

Previous crowds have ranged between 700- 950 depending on the Band appearing & the weather;
If you are coming and bringing your children / grandchildren be very clear with them as to where they are to stay, how they are to act, & most importantly where they wait until you come & get them at the End of the Night.
If you decide that your child, kids do not realize how to participate without you being around, THEN by all means do the responsible thing that parents are known to do and have them sit with you.  It may take some patience on your part, but a safe & secured child, kid is worth the price;
Maybe the next time you attend;
...they will grasp the point;
...participate in the Kidszone:
...follow all the family-rules.   


Senate   Candidates Forum date set for 12 Noon on 12 July, 2010
...The Eastpoint-Roseville Chamber of Commerce is hosting a forum for State Senate candidates: will be held at the Italian American Cultural Center 43843 Romeo Plank Rd Clinton Township are $30. for Chamber members & $40. for non-members" 586 - 776 - 5520 to reserve tickets.
...attending will be: Republicans / Jack Brandenburg, Leon Drolet, & Kim Meltzer
                           Democrats  / Paul Gieleghem & Carl Marlinga is being held at 12:00 Noon on Monday 12 July, 2010

That's all from Macomb County, Metro,& Michigan News for now.


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Russel Ray, San Diego Business & Marketing Consultant & Photographer
Russel Ray - San Diego State University, CA

Wouldn't it be great if Bill Jarvis were to finance restoration of the Warren fire station?

Jul 12, 2010 07:44 AM

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