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Hello Realtors/Real Estate Agents, is very interested in working with you to support your real estate business on a referral basis. Would you be willing to pay a 25% referral fee if we were to refer business to you? We have 2 referral programs which have given many of our members great success. 

I would like to talk with you about how our programs work and how can be of benefit to you and your real estate business. 

Contact me at: 517-999-2814 or 

In Canada, Toll free at: 800-717-3443. Ext. 2814 

Review the link below and read what other member agents have said about working with us. 

For your convenience here is our broker’s name, Leroy M. Greve and his license number: 


Lansing, Michigan 

Kindest regards, 

Lyle Allen

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