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Welcome to the first post in my public blog on ActiveRain....

Have you visited ?  This site is now America's #1 real estate resource website.  Richard Barbee (me) is a Premier Agent on Zillow in zip codes 37921, 37922, 37923, and 37934 .

Why do I spend money to advertise on  Here are a few of the reasons:

1. has more traffic than any other real estate-related website

2.  I work in specific zip codes as a real estate broker.  Zillow allows me to advertise in those zip codes only.  This help me target my marketing and avoid wasting money.  I am an expert in Farragut, Bearden, Northshore, Concord, Cedar Bluff, West Hills and a few more.  I can serve residential clients best in those areas.

3.  When I list a home in my preferred zip codes, that listing shows up first and often when potential buyers are searching in that area.  My listings show up first !!!  This is a major advantage to my clients / sellers.

Please consider checking out the link above.  This is my public profile on  You can see my listings and learn more about me.

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Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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3 commentsRichard Barbee • July 09 2010 12:33PM

Juice Plus - A Great Way to Get Your Nutrition

I have been taking Juice Plus for some time now.  If you have never taken Juice Plus, it is a natural blend of 17 fruits and vegetables in dehydrated capsules.  It is a natural food product, no chemicals or sugar.  It contains no caffeine or anything bad.  When children get a handful and swallow them down, there is absolutely no danger.

I recommend Juice Plus to you if you need a quick, daily way to increase your nutritional quality.  We are on the run quite a bit.  We can use an easy way to get all of our vitamins and minerals.

Email me at to find out how to order this wonderful product.  You won't regret it.

Google "Juice Plus" to find out more.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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5 commentsRichard Barbee • November 21 2008 02:13PM

Certified Property Manager - CPM

This is a question to Certified Property Managers.

I am currently pursuing my CCIM.  I have greatly enjoyed the CCIM training.  I already have the CRS, GRI, and ABR designations for residential real estate.

I am strongly considering pursuing the CPM after I complete the CCIM in 2009.

I would appreciate your feedback on the CPM process and the wisdom of getting it.  Has it made you money?  Does it help to diversify income streams?

I want to develop the three legs (residential, commercial, and prop mgmt) over the next 3-4 years.  I hope to put together a strong team to do all 3.

I would love to get your feedback.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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1 commentRichard Barbee • November 21 2008 11:14AM

Network, Network, and Send Follow Up Cards

I find that we tend to do one or two things really well while neglecting several other potential sources of business.  Maybe we fall into a rut or maybe the workload of multi-marketing seems stressful.  The systems that we put into place will determine the long-term success of our businesses.

I have found that face-to-face networking events or groups are very productive.  I am a member of BNI and have recently become President of a local chapter.  The networking opportunities in this structured organization are numerous.  As a commercial broker, I get to meet several small business owners weekly.  As a residential broker, I receive referrals directly from other professionals.

I cannot understate the importance of networking.  If you do not go to Chamber functions, please start.  If you can find a local BNI chapter, please visit / join.  If you are into ToastMasters, Rotary, Kiwanis, or whatever, make the most of it and get active.  Are you politically minded?  Join the local Republican or Democratic or whatever party group.  Though we go to church for higher reasons, it can also be a great place to network and get business.

So, here is what I recommend as the best use of your time:

I. Network every day, every week, every month

II.  Network more in new places with new people

III.  Send follow up cards (handwritten) and an email to everyone you meet

If you will make this practice a discipline in your life, I can assure you that you will make more money.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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0 commentsRichard Barbee • November 20 2008 03:39PM

The 3 Pillars of Investing in a Property

I have benefitted greatly from training with the CCIM Institute.  My work with other commercial Realtors and my readings in the commercial area have made me a better agent.  When considering an investment property, CCIMs are trained to complete a 3-way analysis of the potential purchase.

I have started applying this system with home buyers (whether for investment or for residence).  This diagram regards an analytical approach to a house purchase.

For residential real estate, I always encourage buyers to remember that the typical homeowner moves every 5 to 7 years.  Thus, it makes sense to think of the property purchase as a mid-term investment.  We must think Re-Sale Potential and Investment Quality when buying a house.  Our organic side wants to buy a home, but I tell clients that we buy houses and make homes.

Nothing that is good for the soul can be bought.

I.  Market Feasibility

    -  We must consider the overall characteristics of the community, city, or even state in which we plan to purchase.  We can check the U.S. Census Bureau, the local planning commission, the local chamber of commerce, and more.  Since school zones seem to be the biggest predictor of demand for housing, we can certainly target the purchase well within the boundaries of a preferred school zone.  Buyers may want to examine demographics, percentage of multi-family dwellings, percentage of rental homes, etc.

II.  Location / Site Feasibility

     -  This is the most important aspect of a property purchase in my view.  When considering location, we look at major roads, accessibility, traffic density, red light placement, etc.  Also, we take note of the house's position from the road, in the subdivision, in relation to parks/entertainment, etc.  The goal is not to eliminate emotion or personal preference.  The goal is to avoid a bad decision and (hopefully) maximize re-sale potential.

     -  On site, we consider the appearance and condition of the house.  Obviously, the exterior and interior of the house are major decision points.  However, the condition of the neighboring houses is a part of the analysis as well.  I think we all know that surrounding properties and land uses can bring down values.  In Tennessee, a really nice subdivision can be located adjacent to a trailer park.  I tell buyers that we must take a holistic view of each house.

III.  Financial Feasibility

     -  Realtors are not experts on mortgages or financing; however, we can offer some guidance or thought-provoking ideas for our clients.  There are several financing options out there.  If the property is owned by an investor or an owner with cash, partial owner-financing may be an option at times.  But the bigger issue with this pillar of the analysis is to look at profitability, cash flow, and future value.

I hope this helps you in some way.  I believe that our ability to analyze properties and negotiate contracts for properties will remain significant Realtor qualities into the future.  We offer great value for our clients.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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0 commentsRichard Barbee • November 19 2008 03:27PM

A Time to Consider Your Life

The HolyDay Season is upon us.  Yes, I misspelled it on purpose.

Holiday comes from the two-word Holy Day.  While normally associated with religious celebration, the word holy can also refer to something special that is set apart from everyday life.  Thanksgiving is holy in this sense.  Your birthday is holy in this sense.

When most of us wake up on our birthday morning, there is a heightened sense of importance in the hours of this day.  It has meaning above and beyond most other days.  Christmas is special and holy for several reasons.  Whether you are a Christian or not, Christmas tradition is holy in the sense of the value of family, tradition, giving, compassion, and so on.

Robert Byrne wrote, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."  The most meaningful lives are those lived with intention and consideration.  I spend time each with with the homeless.  I play lincoln logs and hot wheels in the floor with my two boys each night.  I smile at and offer a quick head nod to those I pass in the grocery store.  I think about the direction of my life.

When business slows down, we have great opportunity to ask more important questions about our own satisfaction, our own journey, our shared experience.  Where is your life going at this time?

Before you answer, take note of the feelings associated with this question.  Do you have an instant good feeling?  Is there an instant discouraged or tired feeling?  Do you feel that you are in control of your life and headed in the direction you most want?

We are never too busy to measure and mold our own existence.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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1 commentRichard Barbee • November 18 2008 01:38PM

Where's Your Focus?

Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote, "I always turn to the sports pages first, which record people's accomplishments.  The front page has nothing but man's failures."

If we listen to the biased media and read the politically-motivated editors, we set ourselves up for a discouraged mindset.  Whether it be conscious or subconscious, negativity seems to be pervasive at this time in our country's history.

I have always believe that we get out of our bodies and minds what we put into our bodies and minds.  If we put in essential vitamins, good protein, and adequate sleep, our bodies perform well and remain healty.  The same goes with our minds.


The images and words we allow into our minds repetitively have a great influence on our emotions and behaviors.  This is a well-researched truth.  When you see the picture above, what thoughts and feelings emerge?  Does the word bring up certain feelings?


Now, look at the second picture.  What feeling do you get from that?  What thoughts arise from viewing this second picture?  Does the word beside the picture bring up certain feelings?

The point is that we must choose what we put into our minds, into our views.  We can place deliberately positive words and images into our lives in order to change our thoughts and feelings.

Just try it......

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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1 commentRichard Barbee • November 18 2008 11:44AM

Happiness is a Choice, a Habit, a Lifestyle

Have you smiled today?  I mean, have you really smiled in the way you smile when you find money?

Margaret Bonnano said, "It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis."  Funny and Poignant!!! 

For many of us, reality seems oppressive, mundane, boring, stressful, or bleak.  We may feel compelled to seek out fantasy or escape as a means of coping with a reality over which we feel little or no control.

Given the state of the housing market and the overall economy, many are feeling despair and mild depression.  Where did all those easy closings go?  Where are all the buyers?  Why is no one listing?

There are two ways of living life:  1.  Internal Locus of Control or 2. External Locus of Control.  If we have an external locus of control, we feel that life dominates us, that we have little or no control over circumstances, thoughts, or emotions.  Those with a external locus of control are highly dependent on the opinions and actions of others.  They seek to please and placate other.

If we have an internal locus of control, we feel that we have sufficient power to choose our thoughts and feelings.  Those with internal locus of control are not overwhelmed with fear or anxiety, feel stable, act as though they are worth something and are in control.  An internal locus of control gives one an empowered mindset that leads to self-determination and progress.

The market does not have the power to determine your mood, unless you allow it.  Only you control your thoughts and feelings and actions.  If the market is down, respond!!  Work smarter and harder in order to achieve the results you need.

If you have to take a temporary part-time job in this process, why not do it?  If you have to re-invest in marketing, why not do it?  If you need to write articles or meet more people or dress more professionally, why not do it?

You have the power!

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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2 commentsRichard Barbee • November 18 2008 11:25AM

Four Ways To Produce More in Business

As complicated as we may try to make it, there are only a few basic thoughts and behaviors that produce health, energy, creativity, and success.  In football, we focused on basic strength, quickness / stamina, knowledge of the offensive/defensive scheme, and self-care / nutritional intake.  When we become excellent in the foundational skills, we will find results come easily.

I think these four football qualities may come in handy in the real estate arena as well.

1.  Basic Strength  -  The core of any business is strategy and execution.  Your strength is in having a pragmatic, functional system and working it as planned.  Maintaining focus on a well-designed plan is one of the hardest and one of the easiest things to do in business.  Your core strength in business is your direction and your determination.

2.  Quickness / Stamina  -  Are you utilizing technology and pre-planning to maximize your response time to clients and a consistently productive mindset?  Technology allows you to respond quickly, with relevant information.  A productive mindset keeps you in the game when others slack off.

3.  Knowledge of the Scheme  -  We all know that we must KNOW the market (Kinetics of the Market, Net Values of the Market, Opportunities in the Market, and Waves of the Future in the Market).  However, to what degree are we experts on the current market in our local region?  Do you perform market research at least once per month?  Have you asked your broker or a colleague to mentor you in market research?  Do you read on real estate issues?  Do you review the local MLS often?  Can you describe your business plan in detail to another Realtor?

4.  Self-care / Nutrition  -  Obviously, if we don't take care of the body and mind that make business possible, we will not enjoy long-term satisfaction or success.  Get the sleep you need.  Exercise daily (yes, daily).  Eat reasonably well.  Maintain good, solid, meaningful relationships outside of real estate.

Take care of yourself.  Help a few others take care of themselves.  Work your business with a plan in mind.  I wish you success.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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6 commentsRichard Barbee • November 15 2008 02:23PM

A Great Tragedy

"Hello Brother, name of Daniel Teague, Dan to those who know me, Big Dan to those who don't.  I couldn't help but hear that you, like myself, have the gift of gab."  -  from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Do you remember this scene from that great movie.  There are so many great one-liners from this feature. 

"Gopher Everett?" 

"No thanks, I fear that gopher would merely rouse my appetite without bedding her back down."

"Only a fool looks for wisdom in the chambers of the human heart."

"We're the Soggy Bottom Boys.  Uhhh, songs of salvation to salve the soul."

And so on.....

Anyway, Ulysses Everett McGill and Daniel Teague were two of a kind.  There were hucksters and manipulators.  However, it would seam that McGill's hubris was overshadowed by his penchant for goodness when all was said and done.

I just wonder which we are.  And, I wonder how young, new agents are experiencing this career, the market, and more experienced agents.  We need to feed the pipeline with new, qualified, professional agents.

Are we taking enough time to encourage young, new agents?  Are we taking them to lunch?  Have you dared take a quality newby under your wing, buy them lunch, offer them guidance?  What we do for ourselves last for a moment, what we do for others may live forever.

Take time to offer kindness and encouragement to agents that are newer, that are struggling, that are learning.  Let them know that you are with them.

It would be a great tragedy to lose a few sales but lose even more valuable salespeople that could have been great.

Richard D Barbee, M.Ed., GRI, CRS

Real Estate Broker  -  Residential and Commercial

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