What Dreams have you Forgotten?

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Everyone has a dream, what's yours?  Is it a powerful dream?  Does it keep you up at night?  Can you see it?  Most people don't have big dreams because they are told to be realistic or that they can never achieve it.  Why do we kill each other's dreams like this? Who are you or who am I to tell each other what we can or can't do? 


We live in the greatest country on earth.  Our politics may be messed up (different discussion) but anyone, anywhere can wake up and go get anything they want, if their committed to making it happen.  All you need is an un-wavering desire to get it and your brain will take care of the rest.  Your brain does what you tell it, you ask it for a million dollars and it goes to work developing a plan to get a million dollars.  People fail when they shut off their brain.  They let others beat them down or beat themselves down and their brain stops working on it because it's never going to happen anyway. 


Watch the clip below, it's a powerful statement from one of the greatest rags to riches stories in our nation's history. 




My challenge today is this.  We all have dreams we've forgotten or given up on for one reason or another.  What dream have you forgotten?  Can you see it?  Write it down and write down 10 things you can do to make it happen.  After you do this I promise you you'll be in a much more powerful place than before you read this. 

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Kristy Taylor
ERA CAM Realty Group - Commerce, GA

That is definatly my favorite part of the movie. Thanks for the reminder! We all let our dreams slip a little...This helps put us back on track :)


Aug 14, 2007 05:38 AM
J.R. Quarles
Mortgage Executives LLC - Memphis, TN
The Mortgage Innovator


great message.... I just love that movie. whenever i'm feeling down, i just watch that movie... i just get inspired all over again

Aug 14, 2007 05:47 AM
Valarie Grisham
Keller Williams - Lake Stevens, WA
Have you ever read or watched "The Secret".  You should watch the movie or read the book. 
Aug 14, 2007 02:19 PM