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Delaware Business And Home Owners Its Time To Update That Old Security System!

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Delaware Business And Home Owners Its Time To Update That Old Security System!

Delaware alarm panel for security systems


 Nothing stays working like new forever and technology moves quick

Every few years we replace

Old Televisions  Old Cell Phone   Old PC

Doesnt it sense to upgrade and improve your home or business security system?

Buttons get worn or stuck, batteries get weak and contacts wear.

There has been a huge development in Security Systems the last few years, the key fob remote!

For homes you can set or disarm the alarm with the remote but more important is the panic button that will allow you to call for help when you need it.

For business if you are walking to the car with the daily recipts and someone attempts to rob you a press of the panic button and the alarm will go off and the police are on their way!

Delaware key fob remote

National Security, a Guardian Protection Services Authorized Dealer will install a alarm system for the home or business for just a $49.95 install fee. 

The package includes


Motion Detector

Key fob with alarm

4 door contacts

Easy to use Alarm panel

24 Hour Professional Monitoring

Monthly monitoring fee only $31.95 and includes maintenance and repair of system.  This is a limited time offer call today and get upgraded this week!


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Delaware Security System for Homes and Business

Tom Priester
Paradise Sharks - Jupiter, FL
Paradise Sharks

Thank you for sharing this information; very much appreciated. Hope all is well with your business up in Delaware

Jul 11, 2010 10:50 PM
National Security Delaware Security Systems Free
Home and Business Alarms, Camera Systems 24 Hour Monitoring - Wilmington, DE

Nice to see you Tom!

Jul 12, 2010 03:05 PM