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Does Anyone Need An Agent?

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Well, here we are near the end of the summer season and from all indications the overall real estate market has come upon some hard times, for some despartate times.  I was listening to a report today that said that Home Depot sales were down and they were predicting that their business was not expecting any substantial improve until late of 2008.  That's just one indicator of the effects of slow housing market on the economy.  We'll  see many other areas impacted as well.  In this real estate market buyers are feeling the impact as well and are being extremely careful when comes to purchasing, for fears of paying too much(because of falling prices) or getting trapped in a loan that may hurt them(subprime loans).  The latter coming for all the publicity about all the bad loans people got themselves into and also because of all the foreclures we hear about.  Another problem now facing future homeowners, is the tougher requirements by lenders to acquire a loan.  Plus all those big investors who make money available to the lenders to loan have pulled out.  That's why we're hearing about how much money in being pumped into the system to stabilize the loan industry.  All in all it's a mess.  What's the ripple effect of all this?  A lot of families and businesses are going to suffer and have to find a way to survive until the real estate market rights itself.  I know a lot of sellers and agents that will have to.  On the optimistic side, it WILL get better, just how long and when, is the question.  Fortunely, depending on your perspective, there are always some great deals to be made.  You just have to see them, when the opportunity knocks.  So, Does Anyone Need An Agent?
June Estell
Integrity 1st Real Estate - Riverside, CA

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Aug 14, 2007 07:53 AM