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Tried and True Steps in Submitting a Short Sale Package

Short Sale Package

Determine if the client is in the process or has declared bankruptcy

Copy of the not to determine type of loan and prepayment

Signed Authorization from Seller to Realtor and First Centennial

Hardship Letter

Back up Documentation for Hardship

Financial Statement if provided by the lender

Federal Income Tax Returns – two years back

W-2’s for two years

Bank statements for three months (check, savings, mutual funds)

Paycheck stubs – last three for each mortgagor

Benefits i.e. disability, unemployment, retirement and/or social security

Listing agreement

Purchase Contract

Comparables if required

Marketing efforts…how long listed, what prices, condition of property

Settlement Statements—Estimate of proceeds – showing $-0- to Seller

Copies of any invoices supporting figures on settlement statement

Junior lien holder’s balance or releases

When faxing in the documents, be sure you include the loan number on all pages. At the bottom of each page please write the page number of the total number of pages sent (page 5 or 105).

Suggest these be sent in smaller packages to avoid jamming.

Ask if the Lender would prefer to receive via Federal Express as this could be tracked.

Lender may want to know the value of mortgagor’s 401k or retirement benefits.

A huge amount of patience is a necessity during the course of this process.

Short Sale Process

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