Delray Beach: Downtown car lifts in the works?

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Delray Beach Planning & Zoning board will consider a new solution for parking issues downtown - stacking cars!    Yes, stack them. Lift them into the air; like the car lifts in auto shops. Apparently this is common in other cities. Note:  This is a sample photo I found when looking into this as I have never seen a stacking car lift. The ones developers are proposing actually stack 4-5 cars!  Supposedly this is small compard to those commonly used in bigger cities.

Land planner Mike Covelli is representing several developers who want to build in Delray's central business district, but can't do it without providing parking spaces.  Mr. Covelli will try to convince city staffers that car lifts are a viable solution for Delray.

How does it work?  A parking attendant would park & retireve the cars.  This should be an interesting discussion.  Is there a "real" parking problem in Delray or just a perceived one?  I have heard lengthy discussions from both sides.  Personally, I never have trouble finding a spot.  It might take a few mintes & be a block away - but to me that's part of being "downtown".  Getting out, walking around, enjoying the atmosphere.

Also, free public parking recently opened on SE 1st Ave & an additional parking garage will open later this year on the north side of Atlantic.

So, do car lifts fit Delray Beach the "Village by the Sea"?

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Jeffrey Sims

Ms. Jara,

In response to your car jacking blog, (no theft intended) these are common in cities like New York. I saw them on public outside parking lots there back in 1993 or so. I don't think that there is a city in the US that has enough parking. Many years ago when I lived in Philadelphia, the city did a study of the parking spaces vs. the estimated number of vehicles that were present during any given work week. The results were something like this: In order to avoid a parking ticket, each car would have to park in a space for no more than 15 minutes. This was the only way to accommdate all of the vehicles and to avoid tickets. Well needless to say, this is a great way for a city to generate revenue from parking meters and tickets. So, long story short, if you ever have to travel into any major city in this country either enter in by train, taxi, limo, bus or have someone drop you off. If you have to take a car, leave it at the hotel and move about by the aforementioned. That is provided that the hotel has parking.

Anyway, downtown Delray may want to consider shuttle buses from a remote location, i.e., off site parking or these lifts that you mentioned. I suspect that they are not cheap and that the parking fee's will be increased to cover the cost of the lift. Yada yada yada.  Sorry for going on and on. I'm done. :-)

Sep 27, 2007 10:00 AM
Ann Jara
Quail Ridge Country Club Realty, Inc. - Boynton Beach, FL
Thanks for your comments.  Delray Beach approved the car lift concept a few days ago.. It will be interesting to see these car lifts in Delray - and how people react to them.
Oct 01, 2007 01:26 AM