Nason Contracting Sucks. Killed 80 Yr Old Tree & 7 others.

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Please boycott Nason Contracting (703) 593-4891.


They took a tree cutting gig in Lake Barcroft , Falls Church Virginia and should have known (or did actually know) that the 80 year old trees they were cutting were protected.

It was an illegal cutting of healthy trees

Here they are getting ready to cut another tree.

Upon being confronted, one of the workers said "Don't blame me, she told us to cut it."



The forester said that a couple of the trees were dying, but most were healthy. And even if they were ALL DEAD, they still need permission to get them cut.

But a professional tree removal company should know better.



These were both clean cut, healthy trees.



The HUGE tree also looks healthy to me, but I'm not expert. Regardless, the county needs to determine that, not some fly by night trying to make a quick buck.

Sure this photo below shows rot. Regardless, the county has to decide. She cut this stuff for a better view and a greenhouse, not because they were dying.




Here are some more photos Lake Barcroft Tree cut photos


Please do not hire Nason Contracting or Nason Contractors including Ryan Nason a master electrician, Rodney Nason who supposedly does landscaping, or Diego Pradilla and Richard Nason.



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Your heading should read cut down 5 dead or dying trees and one healthy 80 year old tree.  Rest are no where near 100 years old.  A 100 year old tree don't measure 10 inches.  And there is only one healthy tree in pic.  Two are leaning to the point they will remove themself at any time.  Your number three is a sliver that is a relief cut from the removal of the second tree.  Still illegal to remove without prior approval.  But that's the only thing wrong no prior approval.  You are allowed to remove trees that are in RPA areas that are dead or dying.  Or that are in the way of an addition no larger than 2500 square feet.  All this info is available on fairfax counties web site.  Can't knock you though didn't know this myself, prior to this incident.   Anyways just wanted to offer you and the entire Lake Barcroft a humble apology for our actions.  If you look at your own pics of job the only healthy one is the one in your pic with a number one on it.   Rest where dead or dying or sitting at a 45 degree angle.  Just look through your pics again and pay attention to the stumps.  If the stump which was just cut has a dark brown or black rotten section it is not a healthy tree.  If it sits at a 45 degree angle it is not healthy.  If it sits at a 45 degree angle and the roots are exposed and slowly working there way out of the ground.  Would you want to park you boat under it?  Not making excuses, just saying.  We are currently working with the county on resolving this issue.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We love our enviroment as much as you do.

Jul 15, 2010 03:18 AM
FRANK LL0SA Esq.- Northern Virginia Broker .:.
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"healthy one is the one in your pic with a number one on it" ???


That isn't what the forester said. This is exactly why the COUNTY decides what is dead. You can't go cutting down huge trees and hoping for the center to be rotten.

I added more photos. You can now see how healthy these other trees were and how huge they were. 

Yes there was one obviously dying 10" tree. But still it is up to the county to decide whether it can be cut.

And this oops "sorry" won't cut it.


Jul 15, 2010 05:50 PM

If you look at your at your bottom pic one is black and other is dark brown.  I don't tell if a tree is dead by cutting it, I was just saying you keep saying they are healthy.  The tree's that you are talking about had no branches or leaves thats why in my opinion they where dead.  But they are already down so if you where a professional you could tell they where dead prior to cutting by the condition of the stump.  I have personally walked the site with the county already.  This does not excuse any of this, and that is not what I am trying to accomplish.  You mention something about a greenhouse, don't know where that is coming from.  Bad information I assume.  The second pic the tree stump is shaped like a triangle cause part of it that you can not see from your boat is rotten due to pest years ago.  #1 and #2 where healthy, #1 was straight and true ,#2 was the one leaning at the angle I spoke of before.  Once again not trying to make excuses, just saying.  We are currently working with the county on resolving this issue like I said before NOBODY SAID AN OOPS SORRY WAS GONNA CUT IT.  Don't believe the word oops was in my entire comment.  

Jul 16, 2010 11:16 AM

Wow is all I can say.  At least the contractor is acting like a grown up in this matter.  I'd like to know what the education level is of the person that came up with the line "Nason Contracting Sucks."  I hired Ryan to do several things around my home and he did a great job and I am very happy with the work, glad I didn't see this before. 

Aug 30, 2011 05:30 AM

Thank you "anonymous."


Aug 30, 2011 05:51 AM

Nason Contracting is the biggest joke of a "company" I have ever encountered.  Ryan talks a good game and makes all sorts of promises he can never deliver, but the reality of it is he is a total con artist.  I also actually hired him for a job and after MONTHS of excuses and calls not being returned I had to finally go with another company to get the job done (it only took the new company 2 days to do the entire job).  He even used the excuse of his father died and he had to arrange a funeral out of state at one point.  His father is alive and well in Virginia.  Glad I didn't pay him everything up front, but I did lose money.  The little bit of work that he started all had to be redone because the quality of work was so poor.  I WISH I had found this article before wasting my time and money.  Homeowners BEWARE!!!!!  If you use this company you WILL regret it!!!!!

Sep 11, 2011 10:35 AM

Contractor does not even hold a valid license.  It expired in November 2011 yet he is still conning people and ILLEGALLY contracting jobs.  In VA it is illegal to contract jobs without a valid license.  He steals your down payment for "supplies" and then good luck trying to get in touch with him again.  After countless unreturned phone calls and emails he suddenly he will have the excuses of a family member "dying" and he having to be out of town suddenly and without notice.  It is all lies.  DO NOT GIVE RYAN ANY MONEY UP FRONT!!!!!   I am working with a lawyer to try to get my money back.  He never worked a single day on my project yet he stole my money.

Jan 09, 2012 07:40 PM