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I have noticed that home buyers are spending less but wanting more as compared to buyers this time last year.  I have also noticed that even earlier this year, buyers were more flexible with their choices, now they want all the features for the little price that they can afford...that is why it is important to educate buyers so that they will have a more realistic expectation of what type of homes that their money can buy. 

As I strive to make my clients happy with what they want to get, I also want to be honest with them and  that is asking them whether they want me to tell them about what they want to hear or whether they want me to be honest, because if I have to serve them with their best interest in mind, I would choose to be honest and that is the only way that I can help them, otherwise, I will not be a good agent to them and there will be no need for them to use me. 

I have had a client who had such a high standard that even after 6 months of showing her homes, she still was not able to find the house that she wants.  It is because, her standard kept on getting higher and higher.  Originally, she only wanted a 3 BR, 2BA home, then added a pool. The next time we went out, she added a hardwood floor, then a large backyard, then a landscape, then newer paint & ready to move in...all for $140K.  Just barely starting this in a full-time career, I thought I had to accommodate her.  As time passed by, no sale and no hope in sight, I have decided to sit down with her and reevaluate what we have done in the past and determine why she still has not find the house that she likes.  I had to give her a few options that are more realistic for her and was I glad she agreed with me.  I finally sold her a house, so after that, my goal had been to educate my clients from the very begining and pain them a realistic expectation of what houses are selling for and what her money can actually afford.


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I represent Buyers and Sellers in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas.  I am experienced in handling short sales and foreclosed home transactions.  I am not intimidated by negotiators and I have successfully negotiated "hard to close" transactions in a shorter period of time.

Call me and I promise you that you will be well-represented in your short sale negotiation(s) with your lender.