"The Buyers have the power they know It and they are not afraid to use it" ! Michigan

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Well we are hitting the end of June here and the housing Market is chugging right along . I have found my groove . I had it all along (laugh) We participated in Racefest to Raise money to donate to Childrens Miracle Network since RE/MAX Is a proud supporter of the cause. Many photos can be found on our Facebook page. I even got to take my first balloon ride above our wonderful Lakes here.  I never imagined how small they look from above .

Many clients are venting frustrations with other agents not returning phone calls in a timely manor or for the lack of a better word blowing them off because of the price range they may be in. I laugh inside and say keep up the good work I will keep writing the offers on the ones you don't want ! :)

Listing homes is still a challenge trying to compete with the bank owned homes. Finding comps. and being straight forward with the seller right out of the starting gate with the seller is key. How many times do I have to tell people beware of the Realtor who just wants a listing ! I can list your home at any price " you " want . That does not mean its going to sell. My goal is to move your inventory and to help you get the best price the market can handle at any given time.

Everyday requires change and knowledge . we have had some hard hits and since the tax credits have expired there are more to come. However positive influence and creative thinking are the way to go . We can perform miracles but people are still buying.

My quote for the month as the best lesson learned in every home transaction I have negotiated and taken to close.

"The Buyers have the power they know It and they are not afraid to use it" !

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