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Well school is in session for most us and coming soon for the rest....

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Well school is in session. Ring Ring Ring. The kids are back in their routines, and like most parents in this industry we have a taxi sign on the top of our vehicles.  I often have conversations with other real estate professionals about this juggling act we must do . And not so well all the time I might add.  I have realtor friend who took her kids to a water park and stayed on her cell phone most of the time. Imagine that.... bathing suits and water and your cell phone ringing off the hook. That is not a good look, as they say.



Have to take time to treasure those special moments:my daughter

Today my daughter and I went to Target and she was laughing about something. She just couldn't stop laughing. I saw the sun setting in the background and thought to myself...I have to get this on camera. Reached in my purse and snapped it.  Its rare to catch the female teenager in pure happiness.



 Family is very important to me. I find it helpful to write down schedules, dinners, and even post my schedule somewhat. So my husband and I do not get confused about who is picking up who from practice. I have even hired a part time assistant to ease the work load. I tell you this is a serious game and you have to be present to play. One missed call could have been a nice piece of business. So to all you hard working real estate people. Take time out for family, and try to stay sane. It AIN'T easy.

Much Success.



Danielle V. Lewis
DDR Realty - Newburgh, NY
DDR Realty
I find it hard to coordinate everything, and I don't even have any kids....I give much credit to those of you who are full time parents and in the working world. I've seen what it takes, and it definitely isn't easy.
Aug 14, 2007 05:35 PM
OPS Investing Strategies
Outreach Property Solutions - Norcross, GA
You are right about that. Its a crazy juggling game. Mastering the organization is a real gift.
Aug 14, 2007 05:51 PM