U-Verse is coming to Fairview!

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U-Verse is coming to Fairview! 

The good news...
Now how do I know this? Well I went and asked some AT&T crews that were digging up a neighborhood what they were doing and they told me.  Thats right folks we will finally get high speed internet, along with HD TV and digital phone if you like. The package is really amazing. 

The bad news...
It is initially available along Hwy 5 or Greenville. If you live within 7,000 feet of Hwy 5 you will be able to get it in 2 or 3 months from the date of this blog entry. So keep a look out for the mail item or check their web site.

AT&T U-verse provides:
  • Advanced digital TV
  • High speed Internet
  • Digital home phone service
Check out the internet speeds:
  • 3 Mbps - $35.00
  • 6 Mbps - $40.00
  • 12 Mbps - $45.00
  • 18 Mbps - $55.00
  • 24 Mbps - $65.00
Here is a list of detailed reasons that might make you switch, I know I can't wait.

attTime to get geeky or 'How does it work?'
AT&T's U-verse network is actually a fiber/copper hybrid, which pulls fibers to 3,000 to 5,000 feet, where it then connects to mini-DSLAMs called "52B" boxes and then it runs copper the last mile to the home. This is much cheaper than fiber to the door and initially had some problems, but seems to be working very well now.

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