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I'm a little put out with the fact that our newly trained Real Estate Agents have to meet a stumbling block just when it's crucial for them to gain the experience they need to flourish.  What adds to the dilemma is the way that some of the industries like to toot their own horn by having no mercy in listing the criteria for choosing an agent. One that is always present is asking the agent how long he or she has been in the profession.

The reason I find this offensive is that the public has no idea of the training it takes just to pass the examination to attain the license.  Not everyone can pass these examinations and with all due respect, we deserve to be acknowledeged for this alone. The public has to understand that when a new agent comes on the scene, the broker is behind each one to mentor in whatever situation arises that might not be readily available to the agent.

It is assumed that when the agent attends an appointment for a presentation, he or she is coming from a reputable background, especially if they are a full service Realtor.  Why then should we be challenged with such a question?  It is more important that the public be interested in the character of the Realtor rather than how long they have been in sales.

Twenty five years ago, the public was not as informed as they are today because there were no PC's or internet.  All that has changed and it is more difficult for an agent to perform in this business while they are being subjected to what is similar to interrogation.  There are many facets to being a Real Estate Agent and it takes dedication to be at the top of this profession.  In any profession there has to be a short time period for apprenticeship.   Doesn't everyone derserve that chance?

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Erika Rogers
Red Rock Real Estate ~ Southern Utah's Largest Independent Brokerage - Saint George, UT
St George Utah Real Estate & Relocation Specialist

I couldn't agree with you more.  I remember a few short years ago when I started, almost 7 now.  I dreaded the question I knew was coming and the doubt that my answer would put in my clients mind-"how long have you been selling real estate?"  I am so grateful for the clients that let me help them purchase a home, even though I was green. 

Jul 15, 2010 03:20 AM
Bill Gillhespy
16 Sunview Blvd - Fort Myers Beach, FL
Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos

Hi Ann,  I agreed with your posts when I was a new agent.  Having spent the past 5+ years in this business I now understand how important experience is.  Granted, new agents may have a lot going for them but none of that can replace the knowledge gained through everyday practical experience.  Good selling to you !

Jul 15, 2010 03:24 AM
Ann Allen Hoover
RE/MAX Advantage South - Hoover, AL
CDPE SRES ASP e-PRO Realtor - Homes for Sale - AL

When I was a rookie agent I found that friends were the ones that were least likely to give me a chance.  They wanted to see a little proof that I knew what I was doing.

Jul 15, 2010 03:26 AM
Woody Willis
Century 21 American Properties West - Jacksonville, NC


I agree. Most of us don't ask how many patients a doctor has had, or how many cars a mechanic has repaired. I am proud of my license. I am proud of my new agents. And since they represent the company, I see it as my duty to make sure that they are prepared. Thanks for a very good topic. Woody

Jul 15, 2010 03:40 AM
Ann Gravel
Pat Bennett Realty - Plaistow, NH

Erika, this is the point I was trying to make.  You are right about the apprehension one faces when attempting the first year of listings.   

Bill, I know that after a time experience is gained in many ways,  However, we are talking about how frustrating it can be to be accepted into the fold.  We have to start somewhere.  A new agent does have the help of the broker who is also experienced and has a measure of time in place.  I don't see where this might present an obstacle.

Ann, this is the point I was trying to make.  You are right about the friends and sometimes, even family will doubt your professionalism.

Woody, you are my kind of Broker.  Thank you for your response.

Thank you all.


Jul 16, 2010 01:34 AM
Kathy Clulow
RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc. Brokerage - Uxbridge, ON
Trusted For Experience - Respected For Results

Ann - experience counts time in the business does not any seller who looks at an agent who has many years in the business but no experience in the particular type of property is asking for heartache. eg a city agent trying to list or sell a country property and knows nothing about wells or septics. pig farms, woodlots, and the list goes on and on.

Aug 08, 2010 01:48 AM