Succeeding In Real Estate And Your Career Crisis Intervention

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Succeeding In Real Estate And Your Career Crisis Intervention

0Seven months of 2010 are gone. So what have you done? Why would you be having this conversation? Is it to congratulate you on your stellar work record? Do you feel that it's to reward you for a job well done? Well, let's get right to the point and figure out exactly why you are where you are. The best way to determine that is to ask a number of questions and look at some honest answers. So here we go and get ready for a bumpy ride.


1. Based on your Business Plan how many transactions should you have so far?

1You did start the year with a business plan, right? You did have a specific goal in mind, didn't you? You weren't just winging it, were you? If you had a goal then you know whether you are on target. If you have not yet set a goal - then now is the time. Set an achievable (not low) goal for the rest of the year. Something that will stretch you and make you work. 

2. How many do you actually have?

2EASY - just simple math - if you did what you were supposed to. Just add up the numbers you were already tracking.  You were tracking your numbers, right? Congratulate yourself for a job well done. Set new goals and then accomplish them. However, EXTREMELY PAINFUL - if you did not do what you were supposed to. Don't look to blame the market, the buyers, the sellers or any other external forces. It's not about them it's about YOU. Stress is defined as knowing what you are supposed to do and not doing it. So here we are. Don't beat yourself up - it does no good. Focus on what you have to do NOW to get you to your goals.

3. What kept you from achieving your goals?

3The question is what did YOU NOT do to achieve your goals? STOP! Don't blame the market or the economy or any one else. Whether you succeed or fail has nothing to do with outside forces. It's all in your mind - your MINDSET is critical. You were the one that made a conscious decision to do or not do. YOU have all you need to succeed - YOU just have not been doing it. If YOU do not believe in yourself and your abilities then who will. If YOU think you suck - well then - YOU do. If you believe YOU can get it done then YOU will and nothing will stop YOU.

4. Were your goals realistic?

4The goals that you set for yourself - were they? 1. Attainable 2. Stretch goals or 3. Doomed to failure because you were unrealistic about your mindset, skills, motivation, etc. OK, let's regroup and set a new goal - a goal that you will be able to accomplish and build upon. There is no shame in scaling back. Achieve the goal you set and then set the next goal higher - one you can achieve. A 20% increase of production year to year is feasible. Have a realistic goal and a stretch goal to have you reaching for the stars.

5. Can you still achieve them?

5If yes, then let get to it. If no, then why not? What is stopping you? What do you need to be able to achieve your goals? Do you need a different goal or a different mindset? Do you have the necessary skills to achieve your goals? If no, how are you going to get them? What specifically are you going to do to achieve your goals? Be very precise about the income producing activities you will be doing. Let's get to work.

6. What is the benefit of getting back on track to reach your goals?

6What is your motivation? What is your reason for being here"?Why are you doing this? To build a better life for you and your family? Don't you and your family deserve the best from you? How are you going to feel when you reach your goal? What will your family have when you do what you are supposed to? Oh, what a great feeling when you accomplish what you set out to do!

7. Are you willing to pay the price for success?

7This is a tough one. Are you willing: To do the work? To improve your skills? To do whatever it takes? To show up every day? To follow your schedule? To do the productive things? To focus on income producing and income supporting activities? To stop goofing off? To stop being lazy? To start really caring about yourself and your family? The price for success and failure are the same - which will you have?

8. Are willing to commit and re-commit every single day to do what it takes?

8Every Single Day - Day In And Day Out! Consistency is the key. Once in a while does not cut it. Doing it only when you feel like it will not do. You have to start every day focused and committed to your goals. You have to be strong every day. However, if you fall off the horse - then get right back on it. We are not perfect, you and I. We never will be. BUT, that does not mean you give up the good fight. You have to get up every day committed to your goals.

9. Are you ready to start right now?

9There is no time like the present. Don't tell me you are going to start tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. There is only the here and now. If you are no willing to do it now then you never will. Putting off till tomorrow does not work. If it is a good idea tomorrow then it's a good idea today. Do it now!



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Comments (2)

Josh & Julie Hambarian
Josh & Julie - Steele Realty. North County San Diego Coastal - Encinitas, CA

This is a great post. It definitely is the time to look at our business plan and see what went wrong (maybe the motivation wasn't all there since we live right by the beach, or maybe I've spent TOO much time on ActiveRain... not posssible!)

Aug 03, 2010 08:38 AM
Karen Hurst
Rhode Island Waterfront!

Excellent post for the Rookie group, Andy! And actually for all Realtors'. I think it's very easy to fall into the "market trap". 

If you are not reaching your goals and you think it's the market, you only need to go on the mls and see that some people are still listing and selling. You need to ask yourself why.  And then change your mind set to be that person.

Yes it can be frustrating, but if you take the time to plan your goals, and keep at it..#7 and (in my opinion) have a passion for Real Estate, you can have a successful career. 

Aug 04, 2010 01:49 AM