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Price Reductions (edit/delete) Buyers and Seller's that just won't budge! I never did understand why it is like pulling teeth to get a seller to bring the price down on their house for sale. Don't they realize that they spend more than the small price reduction in bills,taxes,maintenance on their house and their mortgage? Even when you break it down for them that it would sell faster and it would cost them less by reducing their price they still insist they would rather keep the price the same or better yet I just love when you finally show them all the comps in the area and they do go down but they only drop it about five thousand dollars and then they think they made this huge difference now because of it. Buyers are not any different some buyers put in an offer and would rather lose a deal over that same $5,000 difference than meet somewhere in the middle of the negotiations. This just never made any sense to me but there will always be the homeowners that are willing and ready to trust your advice and expertise and then there will always but the other homeowners that will refuse to listen to any rational suggestions. Please comment on my blog and give me some suggestions on what works for you and what don't work for you. I appreciate any advice I receive. Thank you.

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Connie Lou Barnett
Real Living/Home Realty - Owensboro, KY

Hi Debbie,

    You hit the nail on the head with this one.  I have a couple of properties right now that need price reductions and my sellers keep telling me, you get an offer and we'll deal!!!!!!! We need a lower price to attract some buyers.  Thanks for the post.

Connie Lou

Jul 16, 2010 02:03 AM