How to fall in love with your title company.

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Most great relationships are based on a partnership and mutual affection.  Finding a great title company is like finding a great partner, it takes time, patience and the right stuff to make each party happy.  Not all relationships with a title company and an agent are built to last.  Sometimes a good agent and a good title company for whatever reason can't find the right fit and have to part ways...

So how do you find "Mr. or Mrs. Right Title Company"?  Here are some suggestions:

Play the field and date around.  Get to know your local title companies.  Find out who does the best job at the closing table.  Who is proactive and anticipates your questions? Which title company makes you look good in front of your clients?   Are there errors in the commitments?  Is the office messy?  If you have an underwriting question about title, is your title company able to answer the question?  Can the processors answer your questions in a timely, friendly manner?  Are you treated like you want to be treated and more importantly, are your clients treated that way too?  Observe your local title companies - and see what type of value you and your clients receive.

Relationships either grow together or die apart.  Your title company needs to work on your relationship too and contribute.  As time goes on, does the relationship get stale?  Does your title company take your business for granted?  Does your title company give you space so you can grow? 

Sometimes you gotta spice things up!  Does your title company stay relevant or does your relationship stagnate?  Do they have a website or a blog?  Do they participate in the community and have an active social role?  Are they focused on your needs and do they exceed your expectations all the time?

Forced relationships don't last because relationships require work!  Too often affiliated business arrangements don't work out because there is no motivation to keep the relationship happy.  Forced relationships tend to fizzle out because the emotions felt are not truely genuine and no one is motivated to work on the relationship, especially not the title company.  Relationships are a two way street!

Once you find the right mate, give a little to get a lot!  Once you develop a relationship tested in time, trust and effort, do not be afraid to stay loyal, but always demand the best for you and your clients!

Good luck!


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