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The best time to sell is simple when you are ready to sell.  Each situation is unique and will dictate what is the best time for you, given your situation and circumstances. 

There are many reason one may decide to sell.  One reason could be due to a change in a job status. If you are having to transfer jobs for example, you may want to sell right away.  Or say you are being promoted, received a pay increase and as a result you would like to move-up to a more expensive home.  Perhaps even the reverse, you are retiring , and want to downsize because your needs have changed.

Other common reasons that people often decide to sell is when the family situation has changed .  Among the possible changes are additions to the family, the birth of a child or having to  care for an elderly parent.  If there is a pending divorce you may also consider selling your house, or if the last child has moved out and you simply have to much house to maintain all alone.

Even with all the reason stated above and many others, the economy will be a strong factor in determining whether we feel ready to take this step.  This decision will always be more easy to make in a sellers market ; however, depending on your situation it may still be quite an advantage to sell in a buyers market for you .  For an example , if you are attempting to move-up but first most sell your home.  In this situation when you look at the big picture and overall savings from both transactions you can still come out on top. Making the decision to sell a good one for you.

Only you and your unique situation can determine when you are ready for such a move.  When you are ready for the move, then it is a good time to sell for you.


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