Cocoa Brown Has Come to Town!

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Cocoa Brown

After much deliberation and consultation with my elder cats, Odo and Lucylou, a new whirlwind has entered my home. Her name is Cocoa Brown, which is an amalgamation of Cocoa Chanel, for the cunningly streaked, blended and fashion forward fur colors and Jackie Brown, the Quentin Tarantino film with a feisty heroine. She is fearless, inquisitive and gets into everything! 

She has doubled in size since I got her, learned that water can be really, really wet and that Odo and Lucylou won't play with her if she stalks them and chases them down the hallway. Balls are lots of fun but feather toys are even better.

My other cats, who are equally photogenic are currently hiding from the purrparrazi so they will appear at a future date. They have begged off as there appear to be way too many dogs lurking around Active Rain lately:-)

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