Growth In Pullman

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Over the past several months while glancing out my office window, I have noticed the once green hillside of the Palouse begin to change.  A Walmart Superstore is now peeking out on the back of the hill and massive trucks and machinery fill the once void area.  It has been miraculous to watch as the building was erected and we couldn't see it at all.  Then as the roads began to take shape and parking areas established~WOW, there it was!  A huge building which in a short time will be filled with lots of folks going to check it out.  I am amazed at the engineering that goes into such a project and how one minute it seems to be in the beginning stages, and in the next the appearance of a completed structure! I am not certain what the timeframe is for the opening of this store but at the rate they are going, it can't be long! 


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