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Being prepared for the summer market means REALTORS need to know the latest trends in economics, consumers, sales, technology and management. Here's our July collection for real estate professionals to explore.

Economic Trends
  • New IRS rules for small companies will require tracking goods as well as services purchased. Get prepared! From theĀ Wall Street Journal
  • Government Ownership of REO properties is increasing, according to the Ludwig von Mises Blog.
  • Monitor inflation calculated the 'old fashioned' way with this handy tool from ShadowStats.
  • Is the housing market simply in the middle of another 18 year cycle? This Cato article seems to think so.
Consumer Research
  • How do Baby Boomers use technology and social media? AARP's latest study tells all.
  • Researchers and pollsters may be struggling with falling land-line and rising cell phone use. REALTORS trying to prospect by phone could be next, too. Check out this Pew Research article and draw the parallels.
  • Do you know who REALTORS are? Check out our video on Realtornomics!
Marketing Trends
  • Social networks are driving customers - especially for small businesses - in this summary from eMarketer
  • Mobile advertising to cell phone is driving traffic to social medial destinations, according to research by MediaPost
  • The Top 10 Real Estate Websites are ranked for June 2010 in this graphic from MarketingCharts
Sales Technology
  • Learn to maximize your LinkedIn profile with this quick video for members of the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network
  • Learn ten different ways to take better pictures with your cell phone with this blog entry from MakeUseOf.
  • Dell has released a new tablet to take on the iPad. Find out what CNET thinks of this new gadget in this review.
  • Recruiting Gen X and Gen Y REALTORS becomes easier after watching our MFLN video episode (free)
  • Are your office meetings worth the time and expense? Make them so, with these tips from our blog.
  • Managing Millennials becomes clearer with these perspectives from About's blog

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