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Fish for Salmon on the Nantahala River! No kidding!! Furnished River front Cabin on the Market

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I bet you didn't realize that salmon fishing is possible in the North Carolina Mountains.  Well it is.  Every fall, the salmon run up from lake Nantahala, up the Nantahala River , finally ending in the Standing Indian Wilderness Area.   North Carolina Dept. of Wildlife Resources stocked kokanee salmon, onchorynchus nerki, in Nantahala and a couple other lakes in western North Carolina in the 1950s or 1960s as forage fish for northern pike, which they also stocked. Pike died, but the salmon have evolved and hung on.  The kokanee are on average  20-24" long for the bucks and 14-16" long for the hens.  

There is no way to catch these fish unless you are invited to the Rainbow Springs Club or know someone who owns property further downriver on Water Gage Road or own property within the Rainbow springs road areas referred to as Water gage road or thunderstuck road.  The whole river where they run is private, and in North Carolina that means no fishing, no wading, etc.  

The real point of my secret salmon alert relates to the fact that I have several acres of property listied on this very privite remote and secluded river.  One brand new listing has a cabin and comes completely furnished, ready to enjoy and experience North Carolina Fishing at its finest.  Oh yeah, it includes deeded fishing rights to over 3 miles of fishing on the very privite Upper Nantahala River.  I will blog more on this newest listing later

But for right now, just imagine, if you were sitting here, you'd be fishing on the Nantahala River by now and likely catching Rainbows and Salmon.

Travis Dandridge
Do you still have the cabin and can it be rented? I have a couple Of friends that want to try and catch these salmon.. Thank yo
Aug 23, 2011 04:44 AM

Was wondering if this cabin is rentable, would love to share some salmon fishing fun with some friends. I know how the feeling already cause I use to fish for them in Northern California at Feather River. Now I want to share it to some of the buddies in North Carolina. Please let me know.



Oct 28, 2011 07:25 AM
Robin Sargent

One of the most unique things about the rainbow springs area and property or home ownership is that the deed restricts all fishing related to "guests" and any guest must accompany the owner that is listed on the deed.  Therefore no one is allowed to rent their home for fee or free and allow their guests to fish without the owner being present.  This is a good deed condition as it controls people that own lots or homes from turning their properties into commerical fishing camps for their personal gain at the expense of the neighborhood and the awesome unpressured fishing ecosystem!

Oct 28, 2011 07:46 AM