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The Buckeye Airport

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Biz Jet ClientsIt's an airport.  What can I say?  First of all, the town of Buckeye, Arizona and the Municipal Airport is a hop, skip and a jump 30 miles west of it's larger and better known big brother, Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.  The airport itself is located west of the town on Palo Verde Road.  It's a General Aviation Airport,  owned and managed by the town of Buckeye.

Like many communities, unless you happen to be a pilot or the airport provides some essential means of transportation, the residents of the town have no idea that an airport exists.  To complicate matters in the case of the Buckeye Airport ,  it's on a road with a name more associated with the largest  Nuclear Generating Power Station in the United States, located 20 miles west of the airport, rather than an airport.  Confusing further is that Airport Road is 15 miles east of the actual airport where no signs of an airport exists.   

A few facts about the airport that you might find interesting.  It has a 5500 foot runway that accommodates anything from a single engine ultra light up to an executive jet day or night.  It is available 24/7 and has a record of 44,000 operations annually in 2005 with a projection of nearly double the number by 2010.  As a  general aviation airport the typical operations at Buckeye include personal air transportation for privately owned aircraft, medical transport , operations for wild land fire fighting , agricultural spraying, a flight school, a jump school, an air museum and executive and business transportation.


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