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An exclusive look at GreenSpur Inc.'s new project: Value Driven Modular Homes and online green products catalog launches today

It seems that these days, every which way you turn you are being forced to listen to how this that or the other thing has gone green. How can you even keep track? Even better yet, how can you achieve the level of sustainability that most of us are striving for these days? Here in the DC Metro area, there are so many companies looking to make an impact on their community and their environment, it is hard to know who is for real, and who is just riding that ever present green wave. At long last, there is the semblance of an answer and in a nice neat online package- use it as your very own comprehensive product guide to green living!

Mark Turner is in the green building business; as the 2010 National Green Project of the Year award winner, he wanted to take his high end products- which are already incredibly "green" and make them available to everyone. After many long months of conceptualization and research, McLean Virginia's own, GreenSpur Inc. in conjunction with award winning Cunningham Quill Architects, Mark Turner's GreenSpur is launching a new line of modular homes along with a green living product and services guide. These homes are the ultimate in sleek, sexy design, are environmentally friendly, and completely attainable. The added bonus is that you get to choose how your home is designed and laid out on your lot! Mark Turner, President and owner of GreenSpur, Inc. has been working on this line of eco-friendly modular homes for several reasons: he saw the need in his Northern Virginia Community and beyond for homes that are of the upper echelon in architectural design, home owner friendly so to speak, and above all, environmentally sustainable to produce.

One of the aspects that makes this project so intriguing is that each home can be tailored to the homeowners needs. What is the most important thing to you about where you live and how you use the space you live in? Think first about how you live in your home now. What would you change? What do you love? GreenSpur's Value Driven Modular homes are smart like that... you can take the pieces of your own personal lifestyle puzzle and make the home fit your needs in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and architecturally stunning way. From the way that you work from home, or how you entertain, these new value driven modular homes are designed around the way you live. Think of the homes like this- they are as unique as you are. Created from custom, yet pre-fabricated SIPS panels- each home can be designed to simple specifications in an infinite amount of configurations . How awesome is that?! You can be living in your very own green built home in a fraction of the time it takes to do a full-scale regular green built home. We recently wrote an article about how far modular and pre-fabricated homes have come over the last 20 years... GreenSpur's product is anything but boxy...The lines of the homes are unique to the style of the home owner and the homes are, again, crafted to meet the needs of how the homeowner will actually live in their space.

Beyond the modular homes, the exclusive online catalog will offer environmentally friendly products and services collectively in one place. Local vendors, artisans, and service providers have teamed up with GreenSpur to encourage sustainable and healthy living by presenting their services through this catalog. To look at this online catalog is to reminisce over Sears and Robuck, from the day when you could find everything that you needed all in one place from the comfort of your own home and from a trusted brand, to boot. Greenspur took the time to understand what eco-friendly shoppers are looking for an d consolidated these items to their easy to use and peruse catalog. When Mark first described the catalog, he asked, "do you remember J. Peterman?" -internal monologue as an answer- of Seinfeld??? Well, the design is clean yet quirky through the occasional throw back to our friends Mr. J. Peterman and Elaine Benes - it is smartly laid out into categories which pertain to each element of how we live and described in an elegant way that draws you into the element. Each of the 12 categories include short, poetic vignettes and environmental statistics to keep things fresh and informative. All elements are available Earth, Sky, Air, Water, down to Community, you can find exactly what you are looking to buy for your healthy lifestyle. If you are an avid gardener and are looking for a good solution to roof run-off, check out "Water" and find Maryland's AquaBarrel. If you are in need of a home energy audit to see if your home is leaking air, find the "Air" category and look up Conway Green Construction. From yoga instructors for your health and longevity to au-pair services to keep your family organized, GreenSpurs' catalog has created a beautifully convenient, one-stop green living guide for those of us living in the DC Metro and Northern Virginia areas.

We can't always expect to know the answers when all of this "green" stuff is coming at us. Hearing "you should live this way, you should live that way.... " is not what we want to hear. It is about making our own choices, and with the GreenSpur's new line of Value Driven Modular homes and the ever growing roster of environmentally friendly vendors and services that are local to us here in the DC Metro Area, you have the choice to live your life as sustainably as you want to. It like a Choose Your Own Adventure for sustainable living.

Are you looking for a space to call your own and choose your own plan for a modular home? Get creative! Sketch up your dream home in an awesome "raw sketch" - not some crazy auto-cad thing- and enter GreenSpur and Cunningham Quill's sketch contest for a free iPad by emailing it in to Mark! "Like" us on Facebook for information about the catalog, contest and more!

-Genevieve Concannon

Arbour Realty

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Judi Boad

Thanks for the great info Adam!

I am going to check out GreenSpur.

Best regards,

Jul 22, 2010 04:29 AM
Adam Gallegos
Arbour Realty - Arlington, VA

You're welcome, Judi! We think that everyone will enjoy their design concepts- because they are centered around the way each of us live! Let us know what you think...

Jul 27, 2010 07:36 AM
Chris Smith
Re/Max Chay Realty Inc., Brokerage - New Tecumseth, ON
South Simcoe, Caledon, King, Orangeville Real Esta

Very interesting Adam, there is nothing like this where I am.  I am going to have a look at it...

Sep 01, 2010 04:24 PM

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