Yes, You Can Still Get A Mortgage If You're Pregnant

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Denver Mortgage News The New York Times ran an important story this week concerning pregnancy and mortgage approvals. Titled "Need a Mortgage? Don't Get Pregnant", the article discussed the difficulties that expecting and recently-expanded families are having with their mortgage financing. NBC's The Today Show picked up the story as well, as shown in the 3-minute clip above. The crux of the issue is that maternity/paternity leave often leads to a change in household income and mortgage lenders will no longer assume one or both parents will go back to work full-time. The loss of income can raise a household's debt-to-income ratio to unlendable levels. Now, your loan officer cannot ask you about a pregnancy; such questions would be in violation of Equal Credit Opportunity Act. But he can ask if whether you expect your future employment and income situation to change. This would be a perfect time to broach the topic. And you should. If you're found to have withheld employment and income information from your lender at a later date, it could result in an immediate loan denial plus a loss of earnest monies paid. Across both pieces, though, the prevailing message is this: Families concurrently planning to (1) have a baby and (2) buy a home should be up-front and forthcoming with their loan officers. Financing is often still available for families expecting an addition -- there's just some extra paperwork though which to work. Be prepared for that paperwork and you're more likely to get your loan.

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Ben, I guess it makes sense....

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Joe Harvey
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I will give you first hand info if you remind me in the spring as I am planning my wedding, looking at houses, and we are planning on having a child shortly after the nuptials.

Jul 22, 2010 04:39 AM
Corri Klebaum
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Discrimination across the board... HUD IS now investigating.




Jul 22, 2010 04:54 AM
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Great post! Thanks for the information's Ben!

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