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“One Stop Shop” Real Estate – Colorado

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What is the future of the real estate industry? What new trends are taking place in the real estate industry? Many people are speculating on the changes taking place in the real estate market in Colorado and other areas around the country. The idea of “One Stop Shop” real estate services is gaining interest among real estate professionals in Colorado and other states in the country, however, many real estate professionals are unaware how to implement the business model.

For as many real estate professionals that are unaware how to implement the “One Stop Shop” real estate business model, there are just as many who are unwilling to accept that this business model will be a reality. For those people, I want to ask them if they have ever heard of the mega-retailer Wal-Mart and if they understand their business model? The one stop shop business model is commonplace in our society and becoming commonplace around the world.

The term “One Stop Shop” originated in the United States in the early 1920’s and 1930’s. According to Gary Martin, author of the Meanings and Origins section of Phrasefinder website, the earliest tracing of “One Stop Shop” was found in an advertisement for a car repairer in The Lincoln Star, Lincoln Nebraska, July 1930. They summed it all up in their tagline – “Have it all done in one place. Save your time. Save your money”.

Like many of us who have come to expect value from the mega retailers, many consumers are asking for more value from their Real Estate professionals. Some people might expect this value to come in the form of price discounts, however, I’m referring to packaged real estate services and the ability to deliver value in pricing real estate, contract negotiations and marketing by leveraging individuals skilled in the functional disciplines of Real Estate, Lending and Appraising.

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