back to the basics

Mortgage and Lending

I hear so much doom and gloom on this and other internet blogs and forum.  I am getting a litle tired of it personally.  People wondering what will happen if...

 In my opinion, i doesn't matter what happens if...     People will still need to get financing for their homes.  People will still be buying homes, doing HELOC's, building new houses, etc. 

If we as professionals have made a decision that this is our career choice, then all we need to do is the same thing that we started doing years ago (ten years for me) when we started in this business. 

Get back to the basics of prospecting.  We all know how to sell.  But do we know how to prospect?  Chances are, if you started in this business in the last three years, you don't know how to prospect.  You would not have had a need.  But now, we all need to get back to the basics.

Hand out twenty business cards every week;

call ten people that know you that you have not talked to for the past year or so; c

all ten people who you did a loan for in the past; call ten people who have sent you a referral in the past;

contact all of your past clients;

       when my business slowed down, I did these things and it really excited me and got me energized.  More importantly, it got me some deals.  There is SOOO much press about the mortgage "crisis" that we need to work it to our advantage.  your neighbors are talking about it, people at your church are talking about it, people on your softball team are talking about it.   Work that angle.  Tell them it is bad.  I am slow.  I do need to have some referrals to help me get through this hard time.  People truly want to help those that they care about.  they just don't know that we need their help.          Unless we ask for it. 

The professionals in this business are going to do fine.  YOU are going to do fine.  build string relationships with good people and you will succeed. 

                        "The sky is NOT falling!!!!"



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