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I was reading some information on the future of real estate. There was a great article on print adversiting that got me thinking about what's next.  3-5 years ago people were not interested as much in the internet and let alone familiar with the term "blog".  Now people are getting more and more interested.  (and yet only 4% of real estate agents are using blogs.  I don't know what the stat is for the mortgage industry. )  On the future of real estate they said: 

 ""Is there any doubt any longer than print advertising is a dying medium? A recent study by TMP finds:

33% of all consumers still consider print yellow pages as their primary source of local business info...

What that really means is 67 percent of people are looking for services online these days. Greg Sterling at Screenwerk calls this survey "the tipping point everyone has been talking about."

Local search is hitting its stride and businesses (including real estate professionals) will need to keep up. It's now more crucial than even to start a local Internet advertising campaign.""


Who would have thought about this 10 years ago?  Only 1 out of three people find print advertising useful.  (I don't think they are counting marketing so you can keep printing your fylers and post cards.  HA)

 So here's the question:  whats next?  podcasting, video casting, ??????.  As progressive thinkers...what are you all doing?  What is working?


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Lorrie Ann Thomas
Realty ONE Group Edge - Woodstock, GA

It's so true!

You want to be at the first place where your customers are going to look for a home. And isn't it in the 90%'s now that people turn to the internet first now when looking for a home?

So, it makes sense. You want to be where the customers are looking!

Aug 16, 2007 07:52 AM
Chris and Maria Jeantet
Coldwell Banker C&C Properties - Redding, CA
Redding CA Real Estate Couple

Print advertising is a thing of the past!  But we all know it, yet we continue to spend are valuable dollars placing ads to please the sellers. We've personally cut back our print advertising by 70% and are now going strictly on-line, email campaigns, customized websites, etc.  That's where it is.  We also cover this topic throroughly during our listing presentations and you'd be surprised how "it makes sense" to the sellers, they trust us and want us to do what is most effective in getting their property sold.

What I don't understand is those agents who are still advertising in the Yellow Pages, I just don't get it. Oh well!

Aug 16, 2007 08:09 AM
CJ Johnson
Elite Agents - San Antonio, TX
Sales & Building Consultant

RE; Chirs & Maria Comment on print ads.  I could not agree more if we were all 20,30, or even 40 but many homebuyers today are Baby Boomers and contrary to what the sellers of web sites and web ads tell you they do not shop on the Internet.  Consider taking a SRES designation class to see how the other half lives (and shops).  There are still people in this world with lots of buying power that do not even have a home fax machine and only turn on the computer to read and send email.  I am related to several of them. I have family members that live in small towns and will drive two hours in each direction to shop instead of going on line and having the items delivered to their doorsteps. So maybe you will never reach these people and they buy and sell lots of real estate.  

Aug 17, 2007 09:46 AM