Sunday Real Estate Crossword Puzzle

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Here is a little fun to slip into our busy days. 

Original content by Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED Inactive License Oregon

ENJOY!!  I'll post the KEY in a few days!! 


1   A specific type of real estate
4   A specific type of real estate
5   Three little letters that mean so much to Wall St.
7   Organization founded in 1901
8   Home buying helper
9   21st century version of 'walk-away'
11   Manner of pay
14   The price is right
15   Caution: they might have a dog
16   Loan secured by property
17   Takes a while to sell
20   They've moved on
22   Some things to think about
26   Highly successful real estate network
28   Person in charge
30   Principal, interest, taxes, insurance
31   Legal agency relationship
32   Trust loyalty accounting
33   It's king
34   Has nothing to do with SS Act of 1935
2   Lenders' number
3   No agency relationship
6   A closing must have
10   A lender tease
12   A year in review
13   Ownership from wall to wall
18   Created by a Cuomo
19   Real estate mantra
21   Court ordered
23   No listings for you
24   Cause of the "meltdown"
25   What motivates some
27   A government lie
29   Not all real estate agents


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