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Commitment Keller Williams AgentsKnow How-How are you committing to your real estate practice? Webster's Dictionary defines commitment as: an agreement or pledge to do something in the future. In other words commit to your future success.

I have also heard it referred to as not having any back doors to escape through. People who make a commitment and keep them when the going gets tough usually have applied this principal. The commitment keepers are also goal setters and they understand that a goal is written in stone, while the plans that are drawn up to achieve these goals are written in sand and have to be revised from time to time.

While attending church some time ago Pastor Troy Gramling of Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City put it this way. "Commitment, a decision made once and managed daily." So I ask you again how are you committing to your real estate career and are you managing this commitment to success on a daily Basis?

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