An Important 20 Year Milestone for ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

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I recently was introduced to a client who made a difference in my life as an agent.  She was referred by someone in another state, via ActiveRain, and had some particular needs to be addressed - she walks with crutches and uses a wheelchair, and the referring agent was concerned about placing the woman with someone who would be able to help this client find a suitable home. 

I am feeling pretty lucky that I got the nod that day.  I could tell from the first contact with the client that it was going to be fun!  She has a great personality and was coming to Ithaca to work at Cornell, in their human resources division, with a special focus on assisting those in the workplace who also deal with disabilities. 

She was absolutely one of the most efficient and organized people I've had the pleasure to work with - we spent just two days together on a recent visit, saw about 14 homes for sale and 6 for rent, and by the end of the weekend, she had her next place to stay lined up.  In the course of the two days we worked together, I was brought closely in touch with her reality, and experienced many things in a way I hadn't before.  Understanding the simple logistical needs of getting in/out of the car when there is or isn't sufficient space within a parking stall, for example; or seeing the presence or absence of stairs and the way they impact her use of, and need for, time - these factors that I understandably take for granted were etched differently in my mind after that appointment.  I am thankful to my client for her patience with me and for helping me to better understand her needs and wants.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and I looked for some headlines in the news on Google and found scant little about it.  There are big stories out there every day, but this often overlooked one deserves our attention!  I am glad I had the refresher course, courtesy of my client, of the impact that a single life can have on another.  Thank you Ms. C.!


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