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ATTENTION LAND LOVERS!  NEW TO MARKET Waterville Valley Resort Land.

Here's your chance to own a half-acre building site in the heart of Waterville Valley Resort in New Hampshire's White Mountains!

60 Osceola Road has just come on the market.  This .52 acre building site is conveniently located in the heart of the village.  The wooded lot enjoys wonderful mountain views...imagine how you'll be rewarded when you clear your home site.  Municipal water and sewer are available from Osceola Road. 

This parcel of land is walking distance to multi-use trails into the National Forest and the Waterville Valley Golf Course, near the resort's free shuttle bus, and minutes to the resort's four season recreational venues.  (See a glimpse of Waterville Valley Resort's ski trails in the photo below!)

This is a great opportunity to own a desirable piece of land in Waterville Valley Resort.  Contact the team at Waterville Valley Realty to learn more - 1-888-987-8333 - or email wvr@wvnh.com.

View from 60 Osceola Road, Waterville Valley

Plan showing 60 Osceola Road, Waterville Valley Resort

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Darlene King-Jennings
King Realty Inc - Campton, NH


While Waterville Valley will not be a town that these lines go through they will still be affected by the influence . Please take the time to read this and look into it to best serve you and Waterville Valley, thanks, Darlene

While this is not political  as I perceive this a fight for NH's very life  it probably will before it is all over come into the political arena because it will have to . It is my hope that politics(republican, democrat, independent and other) will keep this to a state issue and not play one side or  the other  This is too important to allow politics to get in the way of What is best for NH . Up until now we have heard little about the Northern Pass proposed High Tension Utiliites Project even thought   PSNH and its parent company Northeast Utilities have been working on this proposal for more than 2 years . They are  proposing to bring in power from Canada's Hydro Quebec(read on before you think green and or renewable ). We have heard little as that is what they want. The longer they can keep us all in the dark the more they can get accomplished towards the plan of it being a done deal .  But you still have not heard that it does not end in Franklin.  The utilities line while still being determined for the final route between  two  proposed routes the perfered or the alternate route will come from Canada to Franklin . The Prefered route will take it right down the Interstate 93 corridor  from Canada to Concord and then from Concord to Deerfield . The Alternate route along the vermont side  inside NH. for more detail on these paths see www.northernpass.us   and click on map.  These power lines will carry Dc Current  from Canada to Franklin and then be converted to Ac where it will be transfered to Deerfield also along the 93 corridor to Concord and then onto Deerfield. The towers that will carry these will be 135 feet high and 40-50 at their base . Not only will they pass along the 93 corridor but they will pass through the White Mountian National Forest . If you are a NIMBY and you say it is not in my back yard so I don't see a problem  if you live anywhere near by you might be affected . Read on:

For both sides of this proposal take the time to look at PSNH's website www.northernpass.us  for the opposition look at www.livefreeorfry.org 
Make no mistake there is no benefit to NH from these high power tension lines come in and lots to lose. PSNH by way of being owned by Northeast Utilities and NStar want us to believe that the Northern Pass is going to bring us much needed electricity , jobs and tax money. They use the  phrase much needed power to New England to make us believe NH is in the mix for New England  in our need.  Not true NH does not need the power infact we already export our excess power to other states. . But if they PSNH /Northeast Utilities/NStar the shell game right they can make us think that they are. New Hampshire has since the recession reduced its energy needs . Before the recession we had more energy then as a state we were using and therefore were exporting  the remainder   to other states who did need it.  By this I mean we were a "net exporter of energy"  . Today since the recession, we have an even more excess  then prior to the recession. NH in an effort to conserve reduced its energy consumption even more making the net export  from the state even greater. NH and the majority of New England are noted on the Federal Energy Congestion study done in 2009, as not in need of energy at this time.(this can be found online ). Last week in the newspaper on Cape Cod , there were articles that stated that NStar was disinterested in the energy already available through the wind farms off the coast of Mass as they are looking to get cheaper electric brought in through NH from Canada. What does that tell you about the prospects of the energy initiative for the United States "ie" to decentralize our energy production  by encouraging start up green renewable  energy sources  to create smaller but more projects that produce sustainable energy throughout the US to support the United States energy needs  from within. By doing so to make us self sufficient, not having to rely on foreign countries  for our energy needs . The initiative is as much for national protection as it is for energy  as large energy projects increase the possible of  terrorist attacks due to the ability to knock out large grids in one shot . Right now, Northeast Utilities has no intended purchaser of this electric from the Northern Pass project  if it were to go online. Like the wind farms on the cape, we could have our lands destroyed  and the power brought through us, only to  sit in the distribution place forever to go nowhere. Why are Northeast Utilities and NStar in it on this project, the answer is two fold - the cost to get the power here is being fronted and paid for by Hydro Quebec (not out of their pockets) and secondly if they get it down here before the need at a price that is far cheaper then any competition that might come in they corner the eastern seaboard's market (and not spend a dime to do so - huge win for them ). This same thing is being done in the mid west via Alberta Canada so they already have a template to take from..

PSNH  is currently attempting to get the purchase rights to 100 of the 1200 megawatts planned to come down these lines. They do not need any of it  for NH' needs but the reason they are going for this small portion is that as soon as you(the citizens )  find out that NH does not need power, you are going to question why our government is forcing us what could ruin us down our throats. The shell game will be that PSNH must look like it needs the power or see a future need if they are buying it, in order to conn you. What you do not know if you are thinking this , is that all they are going to do is resell it . They will put it in the grid along with all the other net excess power  NH is already producing and  exporting. No loss to them , it t will go along with that to the place it is needed but they can overcome the reality with a perception of need.  It is like blood vessels, if you are bleeding somewhere your vessels are not full in route to the bleed  . So the blood flows to where it is needed to fill it back up in the location  it is being  lost or used up by the bleed  . Well if the vessel is full it will bypass those locations and head instead where it is needed. In this case the excess 100 mws of  power will go from the transfer station  to Deerfield and then along with all the other excess head on out of state. It is just a shell game to make you think that what you are hearing that NH is self sufficient when it comes to energy  is not true. It is, we do not need the power.  
In one of the attached links you will find that the city of Londonderry was identified  initially as as the best location for the conversion plant but they resorted to Franklin instead  because  they told regulators  at FERC  see to follow: "In his prepared testimony to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) filed on December 15, 2010, James A. Muntz, president of Northeast Utilities, was asked why the plan for Northern Pass includes both an HVDC line [to the Franklin converter station] and, below that, a conventional AC radial line [to Deerfield]. In other words, if HVDC transmission is so much more efficient than AC, and if most of the power is going to metro Boston and south, why not take the DC line further south in New Hampshire? " his answer was "that the original preference was to extend the HVDC line much further south in NH, to a converter station at Scobie Pond in Londonderry, but PSNH backed off. " Why? Muntz explains it:


" In addition to economic and technical considerations, the design of the NPT
Line was heavily influenced by siting considerations. The initial preference
was to build the southern terminus converter station at PSNH's Scobie
Pond substation in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Scobie Pond has
substantial developable real estate on which to build the converter and is a
robust location to interconnect into the 345-kV transmission grid. Losses
would have been lower, as well, which could have improved the economics
of the project overall. However, a thorough examination of the ROW
between PSNH's Deerfield substation and Scobie Pond led us to conclude
that the project could not be sited at Scobie Pond. Expansion of that ROW
to accommodate the new HVDC line would result in impacts on Land Trust
areas, conservation easements, commercial buildings, and up to 50-60
private homes.

It was concluded that expansion of the ROW would result in extremely
negative public and political reaction against the plan and the overall HVDC project." Please read the rest . In conclusion because Southern NH
has more political power and money  they will be more affective in knocking them back .  Why did the regulators not then ask them if this is of concern for this small area and 50-60 homes, how does it not translate to a much bigger  issue for 140 miles with thousands of homes being affected ? Or don't we count ? Who lives in Londonderry or the route it would have taken ???? To further quote from this blog "Should this not invoke concerns about environmental justice, the official policy of the United States meant to ensure that those without access to political power do not suffer environmental degradation?" . I have to ask the question, Governor Lynch, how can you come out and publically support of this ?  Why are the rest of the politicans sitting on their thumbs(saying it is a done deal) when they were elected to nondiscriminatly watch out for the best interest of the entire state. It does not appear to me that they are looking out for the interests of anyone in the State - so WHY? Where is the outcry coming from you?

Did you know that Hydro Quebec is paying for this whole project(confirmed to us to be accurate by the NH PUC) . It is not coming out of the pockets of PSNH, its parent company Northeast Utilities  nor NStar. This project is going to ultimately benefit the needs of a foreign company .They have an excess amount of energy that they know if they can get down to central and southern NE and below , they will corner the future market(and they are following the template already forged coming from Alberta canada to  the northern  mid  US in those articles linked below). If they can make the cost of the energy cheap enough (in the early stages) they can put a huge damper on any other energy research that are truly green and renewable and are US born  . If the new energies can not compete on the same market because of costs to produce, money will win and not our citizens. The less costsly green renewable US energy will not get developed much less produced making us again reliant on foreign energy. Did we not learn from the energy embargo?. We will have not reduced our dependence of foreign countries for our power only changed it from the Middle East to Canada. Ultimately once we no longer have other sources of power ready to take over like the energy crisis in the 70's , we will be captive to their costs whatever they be in the future. Just an FYI . What happens to the electric and its cost to us the consumer if  we allow them to be the large captive energy source of the east coast  and there is a drought in Quebec ?Did you know that Hydro Quebec was closed last year for 3 weeks for that very reason? Energy embargo of the future here we come!
They may tell us this is in keeping with the energy initiative to build green renewable energy- they are leaving off the part that it is neither green or renewable and also leaving off this it another country's energy. Renewable under our federal guidlines, is Hydro Quebec's energy renewable. Is it renewable by definition of  the State of NH or even the  US  federal definition?. NO, large hydro plants do not meet the definition of renewable  for either NH or the federal definition.  Small hydro plants do qualify under that status but because of large hydro's other environmental issues and that they are a potential  target for terrorism because of their size they do not qualify. Hydro Quebec has one of the worst corporate carbon foot print of any North American. Just for a moment take the time to type in the word  Hydro Quebec into your  Google  browser you will find this out pretty quickly. Not only did they destroy native American sacred grounds by bulldozing and flooding them  by force but they failed to remove the vegetation and trees after bulldozing leaving acres below the water to rot and cause huge methane bubbles that will affect the air  and the ozone for years to come. Is Hydro Quebec a green energy?  No, not that either - it is considered brown . So by seeking their power, we will not decentralize our sources of power to make us less vulnererable to terrorism and we will not be taking care to help protect our environment by using green or renewable sources.  Ultimately this in no way meets the intention of the Federal or NH's own energy initiative no matter what they might tell us.  I will bet that instead they will turn the plate around and accuse those in fight against them of not being protective of the environment that by fighting them we are fighting against NH's and the Federal energy initiatives, but it just isn't so .
These towers have to be as  tall as they are projecting 135 feet +/-  because of terrain, because of  the size and weight of the lines they carry , because of the weather and sagging lines. No matter how tall they are, there will be risks due to the wind , ice and snows . There will be added risks given how large this project is, for terrorists to knock out  a pretty sizable energy grid in one felt swoop. And there will be risk of dramatic price increases as soon as there are no other energy choices (remember the gas lines) .  And while they could go underground(they are doing it else where ), no matter what they lead us to believe, its all about money . And you are not going to see smaller towers and they don't want to bury it. They dont care what the cost to us we will experience it is the profit they will make that they care about (and remember they are not even paying for it ). They are going to be 135 feet+/-  40--50 feet at the base+/-.. And no matter what you have been told while they are going to try and stay where PSNH already has right of ways, those right of ways are currently only  200 feet wide. With the new huge towers next to the existing poles the new right of ways will be 800 feet in most locations (opening up 4 times what the line currently covers). The current power lines will not be reused . The new lines will be mostly next to them. The current lines bring the energy north. Quebec is north of  us, these lines and will need to come south . They can not run north and south on the same lines at the same time. Not possible and not going to happen. There are other places that they have no right of ways  and will have to establish them.  Homes and lands will no longer be for many along the route . In Campton's Six Flags mobile park there are at least 4 -6 homes that are located under the current right of ways (your homes are going to go and they will not owe you any compensation) but this will expand way beyond the  current 200 feet . How do you think they are going to get these expanded right of ways ? They plan to nicely ask for landowners to give them up and even offer to pay something for them but ultimately they are not going to be nice and if necessary are going to take them by getting our Government to do it for them  via eminent domain. At least that is their plan . Eminent Domain requires that when the government takes via this that it is in the public good . Whose good is this for ?  What public benefits ? Recently in Connecticut a city forced families from their homes in a whole section of that  cities to make way for a proposed pharmaceutical factory that was planned to bring in thousands of jobs. The city fought the homeowners and finally won through the courts paying millions of dollars to do so . When they won they  bulldoze that entire part of the city to make way for this factory. The pharmaceutical company found a better location  and now the factory is not going to be built . All that money spent and those people displaced for whose best interest was this, for whose best interest is the Northern Pass?
They may be telling you that there will be 1200 new jobs created but then will double talk you to say that really it is only 300 jobs but that these 300 will need the other 900 for services. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the majority of those jobs will require a specific skill set  that will for the most part be brought in . Few if any of these jobs will be for NH citizens and all of them will be temporary. The other 900 are jobs that they believe will be created for services these 300 people will need(restaurants, lodging ...). But logic tells you, if the 300 jobs were for NH people, what additional services could they need to produce 900 new jobs. They already live here , they eat here .... And even if all of these jobs were created they will all be temporary (2 years ) and in the end there will be only 5 permanent jobs for Franklin.
They may tell us to look at all of the tax revenue that will be coming in . Franklin will have a multi million  dollar facility to tax . The rest of the towns will have the towers. And yes that is so but  how much of it will be offset with the  loss in real estate values . Maybe not all of it in Franklin but in all of the other towns all and then some will be lost . The National Association of Realtors  has done studies throughout the US that shows on average there is a loss of 40% of a homes value  when high tension lines come in . That the loss can range from 30-75 % depending on location and loss of view . But we will also have to factor in the added loss that comes with income loss from  loss of tourism. This must also be  factored  in because people's income will go down which will in turn  drop the amount people in an area can finance  and ultimately pay for a home. Like many places when the jobs go (as they will when the tourism goes) , the values of real estate goes down as well . In few of the studies  did the loss of income also play a role factored into the value loss. But it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if a vacationer has a choice of  skiing in an area that is pristine and beautiful (as the White Mountains are right now )  or a place that was but now has looming steel towers marring its beauty (even discounting the factor that some will not want to be around them because of their health risk perception ). So if you could ski Loon or Waterville (with huge towers in the view) or you  could go to Vermont or Maine the same or similar distance , where are they going to go . Now translate that to other activities  like Golfing , hiking,  lake and river sports and other such activities  . But those of you that live in towns  not directly affected , don't think it is not going to affect you too. How about getting off in New Hampton  on route to the lakes, What are you going to see - Ghost busters ? Nope towers,  huge steel monster towers .  Think it is not going to affect your tourists too? think again. These tourists are going to see these towers all the way down the 93 corridor from Concord all the way north to Canada . The tourists will head to points with no towers  and so will their tourist money. Without it NH's central and north will not survive.  Jobs will be lost . Homes will be lost. Local banks heavily invested in their communities might even go under.  
So now lets talk about lost revenue for the State if lost tourism happens, money  that is not going to the state or back to the towns  like rooms and meals, like real estate transfer tax, like business profit taxes - where is the state and towns going to make up that money ? How long before we are going bankrupt like California  as a state.
And while they may tell you that no studies have every proven health risks of high tension lines . That might be true in the US but studies in Europe have . And while no study in the US has proven conclusively that these cancers and other health risks are caused by these lines the correlation is significant . Within 1/2 mile the incidence of Childhood leukemia increases 50% . Now is that caused by the lines or the pesticides they use . Does it matter???? Today the only studies that have been done that show no correlation are those down with energy money to produce. these studies (fox watching the hen house don't you think ). And 10 years down the line whose going to suffer when it is found out that it is not just a correlation but a reality . It is going to be the people dying and not Hydro Quebec (which try and sue them - they are not even a US company and not in the US- PSNH and the US companies will put the blame back on Hydro Quebec  and with all their money - well no one will have a chance  to fight them. Not to discount that in the end the people who die are not Hydro Quebec or PSNH  but the central and northern NHrites )Many of these lines will be going over or near our schools, daycares, senior housing.... I drove by Campton and Thornton Schools right now they are .3 of a mile from the lines  but once they have a 800 foot ROW  and the towers are there they might be even closer. There are daycares that I have driven by even closer. Do you want your children exposed to this even if right now it is just a correlation that childhood leukemia  increases by 50%.   
Whats our benefit? Why aren't we screaming ?  They have had 2 years to come up with their plan . Now its time for ours.  Tell everyone you know. Talk with your  Selectmen, you State Reps, your Senators , you Councilmen, your Governor, your President . Write to the papers . Do some homework learn about this issue.
 Below please find a link to letter to the editor  Concord Monitor and You tube recording of Tom Mullens T'was the night before Chaos, link to the Bury the Northern Pass "talk turkey to the regulators " blog  and the last link is to mid west US and Canada high tension  transmission  issues that are very similar to what we are confronting  including the misinformation and the divide and conquer method used by the electric distributor (wonder if they are taking a page from their midwest counterparts). Come the first week of January there will be lots going on  in an attempt to get the word out about the proposed Northern Pass and just what it means to all of us should it become a reality. We will be meeting to create a Midstate to the boarder  wide coalition with  our counterparts in Northern Grafton and Coos counties(and hopefully to get going on getting Ashland to Franklin and Franklin to Concord and Concord to Deerfield  groups going and connecting all for a unified  Not red, not blue, not in our state (instead of nimby  not in my back yard to be nims not in my state) group .   As a group we will be actively seeking State  help through our legislators, senators  and other political figures, The National Forest, legal aid,  fund raising, the press and any other venue that seems appropriate .   It might take a few weeks to get the ball rolling but keep your eyes and ears out for whats to come. We do not plan to lay back and be rolled over. 

Alexander Lee has generously granted permission to reprint his letter published in today's Concord Monitor.

Anyone from Coos County that has not already heard about this and wants more information and or to join  go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-The-Northern-Pass-No-High-Tension-Power-Lines-in-Coos-County/161856213834437?v=wall&filter=3

For those in Northern Grafton from Franconia to Lincoln  http://burynorthernpass.blogspot.com/2010/12/talking-turkey-to-regulators.html

Mid Grafton County group is in the process of organizing  but you can email me  and I will add you to or growing mailing list .

All of the above is in process of joining together to become State wide

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