Lets Cool It Down

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We are well into our summer and it has been a little warm to say the least, and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool.  I wanted to share a few simple thoughts and maintaining comfort, while maintaining a comfortable budget.


Proper Insulation:  Check the spots that tend the leak air the most such as doorways, windows, and attic space.  Insulating these areas properly are key as it help keep the cool air inside, as well as keeping you from throwing the money out of the window.  In addition, with so many tax credits for becoming energy efficient, now is the time for these smaller projects you may have been holding back on

Install Curtains:  This is one fantastic idea that is so simple and best of all, CHEAP!  By having curtains put up, and keeping closed during the day will help in keeping light and heat outside ( where it belongs!)

Regular Inspections:  This time of year, everyone is running their air conditioner units almost around the clock.  By checking these appliances regularly will help keep your cost down, as well as prevent a costly repair in the future.  It is best to change your filter at minimum every 30 days. The cleaner the filter, the more efficient your unit will run, in turn, keeping your bill down which is always great.

A Constant Temperature: I know that some days are wamer than others so we all have the habit of changing the thermostat on a consistent basis.  Find a temperature you can live with and still be comfortable, and leave it there.  Going from a setting of 72 to 76-78 can possibly cut your ac bills by almost 50% or more.  Something to think about next time you touch your thermostat uh??

I hope that this helps, and please feel free to share any great ideas that you have to help us all survive summer, and save our money.

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