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Movement - Keller Williams Agents Always Are Moving What direction are you going in? Successful people are always moving and most of the time in the right direction towards their goals. It's rare that they're stuck on a particular problem for very long that by the way is because they have a purpose and a why, now they may not have all the answers, but they do know the likely sources that do and they seek them out.

Some years ago when I read Henry Ford auto-biography I came across this story. Mr. Ford had granted an interview to several newspaper reporters back in the 40's, while in Mr. Ford's office they were flattering him on his brilliance, Mr. Ford prompted them to asking him any question, and he would have the answer for them in minutes. Mr. Ford went on to say that he himself may not actually have the answer, but showed them an assortment of different colored buttons on the side of his desk, and depending on what the question was, would determine what button he would press. At the press of the button he informed them, someone would come running in and would be able to provide the answer to their question.

The point is successful people don't have all the answers, they just know how to and where to get them and get on, they are in action and moving towards the goal. Now I know that we all know people that are always moving but accomplish little, they're like the octopus, you just don't know which way they are going. H. Jackson Brown. Jr. said it best about the octopus. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards or sideways.

So let's revisit the opening question, in what direction are you going in? When I read Henry Ford's auto-biography I was impressed and hoped one day I would achieve that type of success, and be able to have my own set of buttons to press and have people to come running to solve my dilemmas.  Well I do, except I have a lot more people than old Henry ever did. On the right side of my desk sits a mouse and a keyboard, and I just Google the topic and thousands of the world's leading experts answer as soon as I summon, and I am provided with counsel and advice on the subject or situation that has me stuck. As the productivity coach and acting broker in this market center with over 200 agents I am asked an assortment of questions, many of my agents seem to think I am some type of genius until I tell them I used Google to solve their problem. I love to see the surprise on their face when I tell them this. The point I am trying to make here know your purpose and you will have all the answers you will need to solve your problems.

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